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Posted on Thursday, July 16th, 2009 at 1:06am CDT by 0eae44a7

Product: Riddex Plus

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On 14 May 09, I ordered from Riddex Plus as seen on TV buy one get one free so 2 for $29.95 plus $8.95 shipping and handling. I called 1-800-771-4984 reached an automated system and ordered 4 sets for myself and friends. I called the next day to see what I was charged and found out that I was charged $191.40 of which $71.60 was shipping. I want my $71.60 back as there is no where to refuse the order nor confirm the order when calling this number. When I called to cancel the fellow told me I was to late and would get all of my money back if I refused the shipment on the 19th I did that and on the 28th the paid me back $119.80 of the $191.40. When I called so see what was going on was told by a girl that she would have to get a answer back from the warehouse and to call on 15 July, 09. I did that only to be told that they were refusing to refund my shipping and handling. Imagine that!!!!

Said I didn't call in time. This product cost $9.80 to ship according to the postal service. I want my money back and I want Riddex to set up the order system so that you know exactly what you are going to be charged when you order. I bet I would not have ordered and cancelled at that time saving Riddex and myself a headache. The TV ad is nothing short of Bait and Switch, totally illegal.

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Thomas G L., 2013-12-06, 09:27AM CST

Actually, for your information, if you ordered by credit card, one has more power than one is led to think, and the laws have been out there for a number of years now. Do a search on "Fair Credit Billing Act (1986)". Credit cards companies have to honor your disputes, and if you're right, they'll go and bat for you. Certainly, being charged for an exorbitant shipping price is one of the asinine practices, and if the retailer loses, they have to pay the credit company an infraction fee. And your money will be returned. But one has to mail back the product to the retailer. I notice 2009 is when you wrote your comment here, but a call to their credit card's consumer service might answer your questions.


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