Wells Fargo Bank / Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - Wells Fargo isn't working with homeowners

Posted on Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 at 1:00pm CDT by da3c9708

Product: Home Loans

Company: Wells Fargo Bank / Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Location: 420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, ca, 94104, US

URL: http://www.wellsfargo.com/

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Wells Fargo took our tax money to make themselves stable and aren't working with homeowners requesting loan modifications to make themselves stable! They are violating the spirit of the Homeowners Affordability and Stability Act. I have applied 2 times through the website, using their provided form, requesting help under the affordability act and they have no record of me ever applying. I have called multiple times and their customer service people just keep telling me they have no record of me applying and I have to re-apply. This is ridiculous. Would Wells Fargo have survived 10 months without our help? NO! I have survived 10 months waiting for them to acknowlege my requests. But they keep getting lost in space. I have even sent a hard copy of my request by fax, and somehow the computer system shows my request was finalized in March 2009. Really? Nobody told me. Funny too because I had just applied through the online system on March 19, 2009 since I hadn't heard anything from my faxed hard copy request in January. They have taken our tax dollars and aren't doing what the government has told them to do!


0fb10687, 2009-07-15, 02:07PM CDT

I agree they are NOT HELPING AT ALL!!!

i have been trying to mod my loan for over 6 months now and they lose my personal and financial info over and over again and tell me to resend over and over----including my social security # and bank info. any info needed to steal my identity.they MISHANDLE their customers and customer personal information, they run a horrible business and have no experience in customer care they HIRE REAL DUMMIES!!!They are NOT doing what our PRESIDENT OBAMA REQUESTED and ARE NOT HELPING struggling homeowners...one customer service agent doesnt have a clue what the other told you the day before(i thought they record these conversations) I AM WRITING ALL MY STATE SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT TO let them know WELLS FARGO IS NOT COMPLYING WITH THE GOVERNMENT, and the making home affordable plan , they do no work in a timely fashion and are not here to help struggling homeowners like you and me!!!!LETS BOYCOTT THIS MISERABLE COMPANY!!!!!!NOONE should give them a PENNY!!!!! then who will have the control?? THIS COMPANY SUCKS!!!!!AND they hurt hard working people trying to save their homes!!!!

88ab4a85, 2009-07-16, 04:59AM CDT


We are only as of today, with perfect credit rating, never once in 10 years, one day late. We were told by WF that we needed to be at least two months late to qualify for the LOAN MOD. Last week checking on our Home Mortage account online, we could not get into our account, account online said CLOSED!

July 10th thru the weekend tried various departments with WF in California no one in sight. Hours M-F 6:am to 10:pm and on Sat. 8:am to 2 pm. SSomething is way wrong here and we need to all get together to stop. Lawsuit anyone? My email Susan [email protected] phone 916-682-6523

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