Nails by Nancy

Posted on Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 at 11:03pm CDT by c1744119

Product: nail salon

Company: Nails by Nancy

Location: 353 Washington St.
Braintree, Ma, 02184, US

Category: Other

A technician did a poor quality job servicing me today at this nail salon for the following reasons: she rushed and did not clean the nails correctly at all, spent less time on manicure ( 20 minutes vs. standard 40 minutes for acrylic fill ); she was rude verbally to me because she appeared to not like the fact that I spoke up to request she clean the nails. Overall, her service was sloppy and her demeanor unacceptable. The culture of the technician is not American and the technician uses foreign language to communicate to other workers when she, the technician, does not want Americans to know what she is saying about them!

The technician caused a scene at her station, where I was serviced and all customers were surprised by her outburst.

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983740e7, 2010-08-28, 05:19PM CDT

I and my mother have gone to Nancy and her employees for a very long time. They have done a wonderful job and have been very nice to us.

As for the language issue, Nancy is the owner of the place and it is up to her, not you, what language her employees can speak. Second, how do you even know they were saying anything about Americans if they were talking in another language. Last time I checked it was a free country.

Next, as for the poor job you think you got, if you were not happy with the job the woman was doing despite saying something, you should have just walked out. I've had manicures and acrylic nails put in and nothing of that nature takes 40 minutes. Something is telling me that the worker wasn't the one that caused the scene.

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