Mr. Sandless Lehigh Valley/Pocono - Mr. Sandless Lehigh Valley/Pocono Sloppy Work, Does Not Do What Agreed Upon

Posted on Monday, July 13th, 2009 at 8:36pm CDT by 7d8f055a

Product: Mr. Sandless Lehigh Valley/Pocono

Company: Mr. Sandless Lehigh Valley/Pocono

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Martin's Creek, PA, 19335, US


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My husband and I ripped up the carpet in our upstairs and decided to get the old hardwood floor refinished. We decided to check out Mr. Sandless because they advertise that their process is done within one day, looks as if the floor was sanded, but without the mess. We were a little skeptical at first since in the past we had the hardwood floors traditionally refinished at our old house, but we would be sleeping in the living room until the floors were finished so we were hoping to go with a quicker option. The salesman came to our house and assured us that since the floors were in decent shape, they would look beautiful when they were finished. We had talked about how they would fill in all of the gaps in the floor with a matching putty. We also decided to have them remove all of the tack strips and staples from the carpet for an extra charge. We were told that we didn??t need to remove any of the clothes from the closets or the baseboard, since it didn??t create a mess.

Two guys showed up on a Friday at nine to do the job. Although for much of the afternoon there was only one guy here working. It clearly seemed that they were racing through to get the job accomplished in one day even though they had all of the staples to remove, three bedrooms, the hallway and the stairs to do. They finished working around five and we were told we had to pay the head guy. With the exception of the bottom stairs, we were unable to see the finished product since we couldn??t walk on the floor for three hours.

When we saw the finished product we were appalled! They had not filled in any of the gaps or nail holes even though we had agreed upon that. There were several whole staples still in the floor and at least one that had broken off and was sticky straight up. They had stopped sanding about an inch away from the baseboard throughout the whole upstairs. The baseboard and newly painted walls were splattered with their solution.

My husband contacted the owner on Monday and told him our concerns. He said that it is not their policy to fill in gaps since the floor can sometimes expand and then crack. My husband told him that our past hardwood had the gaps filled and had not cracked in six years, so we would take our chances. Besides, that was what we agreed upon and would have not gone with their company otherwise. He assured him that he would come out and see the floor and fix any mistakes including the gaps.

He did not come out until the following Monday, meanwhile we had to sleep in our living room.

When the owner showed up, I was extremely surprised to see that the owner was the guy who did the initial sloppy job! I pointed out the staples, which he removed. I also complained about my newly painted ruined walls. There was no apology from him, he simply took a rag and tried to scrub it off the walls. The stains have faded somewhat, but they are still clear and I will definetly need to get them repainted. He claims that there is nothing that can be done about sanding up to the baseboard, which confuses me since my last floor was totally complete, there was not an unfinished edge like he did. He then told me again about how it??s not company policy about the gaps. I told him that it was agreed to be done before the floor was started so that is what we expect. He was not happy about this and started filling only the very large gaps with a putty that does not match the floor at all. He quickly ran out of putty, before even getting to many of the large gaps or any of the nail and drill holes. He said that was all he was going to do because he has already done more than he should have to fix our floor. He himself told us he would take care of the issues including the cracks and came out himself, but then refused to do so.

Because of the sloppy work he has done we now have to spend a lot more money then we would have if we had gone with another company. We have to pay someone to repaint every piece of baseboard and wall that was anywhere near where they had worked. The floor is an embarrassment and we will definitely have to get it redone by a professional.


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1e8c4345, 2009-07-21, 11:22AM CDT

U'r experience sounds very similar to ours in which we also couldn't see the finished job until they were gone. The sales person was very unprofessional, and the owner was very rude and unprofessional. With his lack of business sense and professionism, his business won't last very long.

1d111e96, 2009-09-01, 08:31PM CDT

I am going through a nightmare of an experience as well with Mr. Sandless Lehigh Valley. They promised me all kinds of things and delivered on none of them. Long, frustrating story made short, my floors look worse than they did before the Mr. Sandless job. In addition to the terrible job, the franchise owner lacks any form of professionalism or courtesy. I am currently trying to get my money back from my credit card company and if that doesn't work, we're going to court. Although they have offered to refund one third of my money, that is not acceptable since I'm going to have to pay a sander to do the job over...and just because of the principle of it all.

cfedcb6b, 2009-11-08, 09:40AM CST

Wow, you were lucky to even get the owner to come to your home (even if it was the same person). Here in Atlanta, after they completed the job (very badly) I called the owner and he said they would send someone back the following Monday. When no one showed, I called again and got the answer that there is nothing they can do but will have the owner call and ccome out to check the work. I have yet to hear from anyone. My floors are so bad that even a year later, I mop up an orange color every time I mop. I would advise anyone considering using this company or type of method to save your money and have it done right the first time! They should be ashamed to advertise!

7d8f055a, 2009-11-23, 07:26AM CST

It took 5 months for the finish to completely wear off.

de54bdd3, 2009-12-08, 08:50PM CST

It is because this company DOES NOT SAND!!! They clean and recoat...somthing that ANYONE in the sand and finish end of hardwood flooring can do. It is a scam....and a shame that so many people have been had.

dec10636, 2010-05-27, 05:08PM CDT

I was very excited to get my floors done and was fortunately able to see the results rather quickly. I asked the technition about some of the raised bubbles and his large foot print and he assured me that when it was completely dry the problems would be gone. Not so, I waited until Monday the following week and called the sr tech, I asked him to come and look at the floors and for him to tell me if that was as good as it gets. He was surprised by the poor job and promised to make it right. A few weeks later we were able to make an appointment for the floor to actually be sanded. Previously I had asked if I was a good candidate for this type of treatment, but he assured me that I was. While sanding down the coating, the sr tech went all the way down to the bare wood and then ran out of the coating. I am still trying to contact them these last 3 weeks to come back and finish the job. All I can say is that I won't be recommending them to anyone. One other tidbit, I learned about Mr Sandless from HGTV, but I'm sure their job was perfect.

0b522dd6, 2010-06-05, 06:50PM CDT

Yes, I also fell for the Mr. Sandless process, They agreed to chemically remove everything on our floor, they advertized better then a light sanding would do. They agreed to let me stain my own floor after it was chemically washed and then they would come back and seal it. Well the man who showed up at my door looked surprised and said he wasn't compfortable with that. They came did their job, it looked horrible I was so embarassed also He (Kyle) in Moline Il. acted very unprofessional blamed everything on the floor. There were spots that had no seal at all, staples left in the floor, total discolorations through out the floor, because there chemical didn't take off the old sealer, which left my hall way to different colors straight down the middle horizontally, he told me it was my floor but you could clearly see that there product didn't work. I called him the next morning and said this looks like it has a sealer over my old floor.a blotched up job. The sealer was put on to thick in some spots which bubbled and was inconsistant, Kyle was rude seemed to just want to finish the job. I said to him I would of appreciated you telling me hey my product didn't take off everything is this going to be ok before I seal it. $450.00 it was not a professional job. He said he would come back re-do it fix it is what he said and we set a date, but after he left I still didn't feel compfortable with them or their products and because my husband would be out of town for the next to weeks I knew we were the ones who would have to do it right. So the day before he left we rented a sander at True Value wonderful sander with 4 round disk on the bottom of it which you place 4 round sand paper disk, the machine was very easy to handle and what made it less messy in our home was that I would sweep up the area that my husband sanded so basically he sanded I sanded he swept I swept so the mess so minimal. long story short the floor was sanded, stained and sealed and looks great. this cost was $115.00.

da6a60b4, 2010-08-18, 07:24AM CDT

Wow! You have certainly deterred us from trying this company franchise. Mr. Sandless Corporate

take note!

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