Verizon Wireless vw 10 West - Just Say No to Verizon Wireless & Blackberry Storm 9530

Posted on Monday, July 13th, 2009 at 4:40pm CDT by cedad634

Product: Verizon Wireless Blackberry Storm 9530

Company: Verizon Wireless vw 10 West

Location: 15505 Sand Canyon, Blg.D/Mail Stop D305 Irvine, CA 92618


Category: Other

In Dec of 2008 I purchased a Blackberry Storm 9530 from a Verizon Wireless Account Executive. By the second week I began to have an assorted amount of issues with the phone, I attempted to contact the Account Executive that sold me the phone by E-Mail as well as by phone and the AE never once responded (this was clearly a sign of things to come from Verizon Wireless). Since Dec of 2008 I have placed approximately 40 or more calls to Verizon Wireless Blackberry Tech Support and Customer Service, in this time frame I have been sent 5 refurbished BS 9530s and 1 new one, I have conservatively spent approximately 40 plus hours on the phone with Verizon Wireless Tech Support doing soft resets, hard resets, software updates, shutting phones down, powering them back up, etc., etc. only to still be plagued by ongoing issues with this phone. Plain and simple the Blackberry Storm 9530 is one terrible phone, but, as terrible as the phone is, it pales in comparison to the horrid customer service I have received from Verizon Wireless and its ongoing insistence in keeping me as a captive customer with a slave contract which they refuse to release me from without inflicting their $175 early termination fee and refusing to refund the monies I have spent on the phone and accessories , knowing full well they have sold me a horrible product and that I am utterly disillusioned with the phone and Verizon Wireless as a whole.

On June 17th 2009 my frustration with Verizon Wireless finally boiled over and I filed a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau, their response was to refuse my request to be set free from my contract and to refund monies I spent on the phone and accessories, their counter offer was to send me another new Blackberry Storm 9530.

I declined the offer as unacceptable and have vowed to take my fight to as many consumer agencies and consumer internet sites as I can. It is simply amazing that a multi-billion dollar corporation such as Verizon Wireless is determined to hold a consumer (customer) hostage knowing full well that the consumer (customer) no longer wants any type of association with them! Verizon Wireless is doing this to me over a few hundred dollars.a multi-billion dollar corporation.what does this say about Verizon Wireless dedication to total customer service?

Since it is impossible for me to continue with an unreliable and often malfunctioning phone it is very likely that I will be forced to cancel my contract with Verizon Wireless and move to a reputable carrier and purchase a fully functioning cell phone regardless of the consequences in the very near future.

So I would ask my fellow consumers and cell phone users to stay clear of the Blackberry Storm 9530 and especially give a wide berth to Verizon Wireless they are most definitely NOT consumer friendly! I will carry on with my fight until a consumer friendly resolution is reached between Verizon Wireless and me.


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