JAL Fuel Surcharge Ripoff

Posted on Monday, July 13th, 2009 at 8:56am CDT by 874f3273

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I have lived in Japan for near a decade. I have mostly flown with JAL and while it is not the greatest of the bunch, it's certainly not the worst.

This year, I decided to have a summer holiday so pre-booked my ticket in advance. April to be exact. At the time I paid the 7600 Yen fuel surcharge. A month and a half later I found that JAL had asked the government to scrape the surcharge from July through to September.

It's small money, but nonetheless I called JAL today and inquired about receiving a refund since no other customers who booked after July on my flight would be paying fuel surcharge. Not only were they unhelpful, but they were downright lacking in any form of customer service. They basically said they wouldn't give me any money. So, I explained I was a long term customer and ONEworld alliance member and that some kind of action on their behalf would make me happy. I suggested they send me complimentary coupons to use their lounge on both legs of my trip. To that I got a rude we can't do anything, we won't compromise, we will do nothing.In Japanese they would have said 'shouganai', a catch-all 'Nothing can be done.' I tried to find out what my fuel surcharge was being used for now it was abolished. I got no answer.

To make matters worse, a friend who book with KLM at the same time as me was contacted through his agent at KLM's request to refund his fuel surcharge as they had be scraped from July 1st...

Pointing out they are in the red and just receiving a billion yen handout to stay afloat and that giving a lounge coupon to make a long time customer happy rather than lose yet another resulted in a suggestion that I should fly with another airline.

So, I will from now.

Guess I'll vote with my


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