Fairmont Properties - Rancho Banderas / Fairmont Properties Lawsuit

Posted on Sunday, July 12th, 2009 at 6:56pm CDT by 8d8d92a9

Product: Timeshare

Company: Fairmont Properties

Location: IL, US

Category: Travel, Vacations

Merchant Law is ready to file a lawsuit against Fairmont Properties. The lawyers are in Canada and will bring the suit in Canada. In order to proceed we need one Canadian owner to step forward to begin the suit. The law in Canada says that it is illegal to use a contract that limits a person to only seek litigation in Mexico. Fairmont Properties has broken this law and can be prosecuted. We will also be seeking criminal charges against the company and owners: Mark Redwine, Collin Knight, Timo Stychin and the original owner. This suit will need one person to begin and then we will offer all owners past and present to join the suit. The lawyers said that they will also include Cash Back America in their suit and include all owners who gave up their weeks that in turn Rancho Banderas resold. There will also be an investigation as to the use of assessment funds. We have information that funds are not being used for our primary resort, but to fund other projects. IF YOU ARE A CANADIAN OWNER PLEASE EMAIL ME AND I WILL PUT YOU IN TOUCH WITH THE LAWYERS SO WE CAN BEGIN PROSECUTING THESE CRIMINALS. If no Canadian owner steps up then then this firm will not be able to move forward. Contact me at : [email protected]


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9fe0640b, 2009-10-07, 12:57PM CDT

Did this get started?

946895a7, 2010-10-26, 11:18PM CDT

what is the status of this action. Appears that Fairmont has gone into creditor protection and the holdings are being managed by a new company?

Been an owner since 1999 and share all the frustrations that have been expressed on the various sites. Holding thousands of points. Only looked at the various web sites tonight after not paying attention for several years. Was called a few days ago by a friend regarding the new owners. Would have been nice to hear it from the resort? Dah


ba4a47d0, 2011-12-29, 10:23PM CST

Sources from Rancho Banderas said people got MF raises of obout 30% or more in 2007 (rules say it can be up to 15%), some of the owners issued a law suit and others kept the membership but the points system they handle is quite complicated. I really dont know how they managed to sell this memberships. And on top of that employees are forced to work extra time and 2 or 3 positions simultaneously (i.e. receptionist&agent) for the same pay, besides mistreated specially by frontdesk manager Barbara Hito Fajer . Besides the rules for their members state the property consists of 220units and they only have 49. I am sure if we keep digging more things will come up. Let's not promote this kind of behavior by continuing buying from such people!

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