Coroporate Headquarters - Gift Certificate Fraud charge

Posted on Saturday, July 11th, 2009 at 7:06pm CDT by 31c3d20b

Product: California Physical Science Textbook

Company: Coroporate Headquarters

Location: 1200 12th Ave Ste 1200
Seattle, Wa, 98144-2734, US


Category: Other

I was sent about a few months ago, a textbook called California Physical Science. It was charged againest my gift certificate amount on amazon. I didn't order the book on any basis. I even looked at the items recent purchase for the past six months. None of the records show of a purchase of a California Physical Science Textbook. I even called amazon customer service to ask for a record of my recent purchases on my gift card amount. They promised to return the gift certificate records and they haven't resonded since the time I called them.


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