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Posted on Saturday, July 11th, 2009 at 1:48pm CDT by f200e5d2

Product: Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator PLHT219TCB4

Company: Frigidaire

Location: P.O. Box 212378
Martinez, GA, 30917, US

Category: Other

My refrigerator (Frigidaire) Model # PLHT219TCB-4 Serial LA40905841 failed the week before Memorial Day of this year a month short of the 5 week limited warranty covering labor/parts for a sealed refrigerator system. I called Frigidaire and was routed to a call center in the Philippines. I resent that while many Americans are out of work, Frigidaire which is supposed to be an American company routes all calls to the Philippines. Usually they do not have a clue and really do not care. If you want to call the Philippines toll-free call Frigidaire. Frigidaire receives subsidies; tax breaks from the Feds but I have yet to talk to anyone from that company who is in the USA.

Frigidaire sent one company All-In-One who came three times. They actually got the refrigerator working for two weeks and it died again. I ended up paying All-In-One approx. $300.00 as they claimed the part they repaired was not under warranty.

I called Frigidaire back and they sent another company. Allstate Factory Service came but did nothing. Frigidaire then sent A&E Factory Service. The repair person arrived on June 30, 2009. They told me that they would express ship the parts and I could have my refrigerator fixed by the long weekend of July 4, 2009. A part arrived on July 6, 2009 and I scheduled a repair with A & E Factory Service on July 9, 2009. On July 2009 I confirmed several times during the day that the technician was going to arrive. The technician did not show up. When I called A & E that night they told me the technician had been at my house and even ordered a part. This was a blatant lie. A & E then told me they were going to express ship the part yesterday, overnight delivery July 10, 2009 to arrive on July 11, 2009. But the part did not arrive and while the technician told me he was going to repair the fridge today July 11, 2009 he has not arrived yet.

Looking back over a period of many years in rented apartments so on and so forth I have never had a refrigerator fail like this Frigidaire.

My refrigerator now from being exposed to a 100 degree heat is like a jungle. I have fruit flies, mold and the stench is now attracting cockroaches and rodents. I have lost a significant amount of food. I have lost medicine that I need. I have been without a fridge now for two months. This has cost me money in terms of being forced to eat out and is costing me in terms of health. I cannot store ice, cold water or anything else in the hottest days of summer. I attempted to rent a refrigerator from Rent-A-Center ($150.00) but the fridge they sent had a freezer but no fridge. So I had to send that back. That is another story but rent-A-Center refused to refund me money for that. I believe that this is nothing short of an inhumane, cruel and indifferent attitude on the part of Frigidaire and the three service companies A& E and All-in-One. Frigidaire is refusing to honor the warranty.

I do not know why all these companies especially Frigidaire go out of their way to provide bad service when with just a little effort they could make customers happy?

Dale Reader

A & E Factory Service

1300 Louis Henna Blvd.

Round Rock, Texas.




P.O. Box 212378

Martinez, GA 30917

1 (800) 374-4432

One-For-All Air-Conditioning Services

14256 SW 156 Ave.,

Miami, Fl 33196


Allstate Factory Service

2260 West 77th Street.

Hialeah, Fl 33016



783 NW 37th Ave

Miami, Fl 33125


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The warranty is a legal -binding contract. if you're out of warranty, then you're out of warranty.

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