Posted on Friday, July 10th, 2009 at 1:00pm CDT by 727b3b08

Product: Pools & Spas

Company: Hobert Pools

Location: 300 S. Central Expwy

URL: http://www.hobertpools.com

Category: Building, Construction

Hobert Pools in Richardson, TX is the worst company I have ever worked with.

Four years ago, we designed the $45k pool/spa of our dreams and what we got was a nightmare from the beginning (4 years ago) to present.

To start, it took 6 months to get our pool installed and running after the Hobert promised that it would be in and running in 2 months or less. Then, the nightmare continued as a they installed our pool equipment BELOW pool level and did not follow the design for the retaining wall, thus leaving us without a wrapping retaining wall - can you say washout?.

A year later the main pool pump went out - Hobert REFUSED to do anything to replace it and referred us to another company, Manatron. We fought this to no end and still ended up contacting Manatron, where we ended up paying more than 50% of the cost to replace the main pool pump - not Manatron's fault. Six months after that the Polaris pump stopped working, where we again were referred to the other company and had to pay the total cost of replacement, then shortly after that the Autoclear (salt system) stopped working - same response from Hobert, we had to pay 80% of the replacement cost.

Four years later (present), I have replaced the main pump twice (once at a prorated cost, once at 100% of the cost), the Polaris pump three times (at 100% of the cost), the Autoclear three times (once at a prorated cost; twice at 100% of the cost) and I continue to have problems - the Polaris pump is starting to go out AGAIN. Each time we had a problem in the first two years, we contacted the service manager at Hobert in Richardson, who was extremely arrogant and refused to do anything to help us. Additionally, we were so dissatisfied with their service (or should I say no service) that we attempted on more than 8 occasions to contact the owners, who NEVER returned a call or email and made themselves completely inaccessible.

I have told all of my friends about my experience and the cost of using Hobert Pools and they have decided to use other companies to install their pools - which, by the way, have been working beautifully for them with no issue - some good has come out of my nightmare in that respect.

In my opinion, Hobert Pools employs inept designers, service people that refuse to work with the customer and and inept equipment installers. The construction crew leads that worked on building our pool were wonderful, but unfortunately, I cannot refer them as I have heard that they all quit Hobert and moved to other companies.

You can take my experience and opinion as you wish, but if you were my friend, I would suggest using someone else.


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d67439f4, 2010-02-06, 04:23PM CST

Why didn't you contact the Better Business Bureau?

7b0a53ad, 2010-03-07, 04:28PM CST

Your such a liar... totally not true as an ex friend of yours you really need help.. the things you make up about people and companies... your a sick sick person.. I built with Hobert and had the totally opposite experience.. they built the pool of our dreams and the service team has been prompt and courteous and resolved any issues we have had.. Why dont you tell everyone why your banned from entering Tom Thumb grocery stores and people will see that everything out of your mouth is fiction. I'm suprised you have not been sued yet but I feel the days are coming.. get ready to pack up cause they are going to take eveything you own...

2e4bf7c9, 2010-03-16, 10:04AM CDT

March 16, 2010

I purchased a Hobert pool, this was the worst customer service experience of my life. My sales person Todd did a good job taking my cash but after that everything went down hill. There was no comunication, I had to call Linda at the office because the the construction supervisor Bryan couldn't be bothered. I have never dealt with a ruder group of people. I asked to speak to Hobert Mumphree, the owner of Hobert Pools, he did not even bother to return my call after I paid $52,000.00 in cash for this pool! Get everything in writing if you deal with this company, they will rip you off! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HOBERT POOLS.

8ff92be3, 2010-04-29, 06:38PM CDT

Good for you they are terrible! The person that made the nasty comment works for Hobert Pool, he goes on all the complaint sights slandering people such as you to try to make you look bad, he is the liar! There are so many complaints against Hobert on the internet that anyone with a half a brain can see you are telling the truth!

9a7cbed1, 2010-08-31, 11:13AM CDT

My experience with Hobert Pools Richardson was the complete opposite. We have had our pool for 3 years with no pump failures or complaints. We love our pool and use it all year round. With last year's hard freeze one of our coping stones came loose and they sent out a mason who repaired it the next day at no cost. We will be sending a testimonial to Hobert's website describing our experience which was great. Sorry you had such a difficult time.

bbde60fd, 2011-10-24, 09:12PM CDT

We too had Hobert(Murphy office) build our pool & in the beginning they were more than helpful but after that final pymt they forgot who we were & offered no assistance on follow-up issues....

Richard H., 2012-11-14, 11:54AM CST

I agree. Substandard customer service after that last payment. Rude treatment when you call asking for help. I'm not out to bring down the company, just warn others to check out the other pool companies before allowing Hobert in your backyard. Wish I'd done a better job of comparing other pool companies before signing on the dotted line.

77d6aba0, 2015-05-06, 12:43PM CDT

I agree! Horrible treatment of customers and lies when you ask about something. They are def not an ethical company. Need to fire the manager linda who,lied to my husband - a few days later I found the receipt and linda the manger gloats over her lie to my husband and that she ripped us off. So she tells me to take it up with my husband. How rude to talk so poorly and degrade your husband Be sure your sins will find you out and Hobert needs to replace all this staff and start over if they have any integrity !!!

77d6aba0, 2015-05-06, 12:46PM CDT

We will be contacting the BBB for a refund our money.

77d6aba0, 2015-05-07, 01:37PM CDT

Please please know that if you have someone come on here telling you your lying it is a Hobert employee. I was threatened by the manager that she would go on every website and say " my husband agree to her terms". So know this person is ruthless with no integrity and the company has non either if they don't fire their customer service department for Murphy Texas

Noelle K., 2015-06-02, 04:53PM CDT

Amen! I used Hobert to build our pool in 2010, it cost $30,000+ then moved out of tx came back 4 yrs later, had Hobert build another pool about the same as the first one for now $54,000!!!!! After I sent the last payment, these people are condescending,rude and do not want bothered with helping. They no longer need to be nice as they have hundreds if other unsuspecting potential customers to fleece.

Will tell anyone who will listen to use another pool builder due to horrible customer service at Hobert.

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