Disney - DISNEY SIPPY CUPS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on Friday, July 10th, 2009 at 11:56am CDT by 1879b93f

Product: The First Years - Meal Mates Tinkerbell Insulated 9oz Sippy Cup, 2-Pack, BPA Free

Company: Disney

Location: 500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, Ca, 91521, US

URL: http://disney.go.com.

Category: Other

I purchased two Disney Tinkerbell sippy cups from Walmart. First off, no matter how many times I fixed the slit on the one sippy cup, it would not let any liquid out. So, it's useless until my daughter learns to use a regular cup. The other sippy got the plastic piece on the drink hole stuck on the top rack of my dishwasher an is completely warped now. It has also been rendered useless. I have been buying similar products from other companies for almost a year now and HAVE NEVER had SOOO many issues with sippy cups!!!!!!! WHAT A WASTE OF 8 BUCKS!!!! I WILL NEVER BUY DISNEY CUPS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!


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5e7be7e2, 2009-08-20, 09:47PM CDT

I also bought a two pack, Disney Mickey mouse sippy cups for 7.32 and nothing comes out of it, I didnt relize my son wasnt getting anything to drink for about 2 hours when I discovered the cup was still full .what a waste of 7.32 and my husband is laid off, we cant afford to waste money we dont have.

936ecae0, 2010-01-27, 05:16PM CST

Thats odd because I just got two tinkerbell sippy cups and they seem to work fine nothing wrong just try to hand wash them instead of dishwasher even though sometimes things say dishwasher safe it is better to just hand wash them

de91d11a, 2011-06-07, 09:55PM CDT

I bought some of those sippy cups also. Have bought like 3 sets of them and two sets have been flawed, the first set you could not get anything out of either of them. The second set leaks no matter how tight we put the lid on. What a waste of money. Will not puchase them anymore.

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