reliance - reliance money has cheated to me (stolen my money )

Posted on Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 at 9:31am CDT by f78b7fe1

Product: reliance money

Company: reliance

Location: reliance money rathyatra crossing
varanasi, ut, 221010, IN


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dear sir/madam

i wanted to open a account for trading in share market. i met a reliance company staff named abhinav pandey.

i asked him what the charges do the company charges he said per year you got to renew your account with Rs 500 and one paisa per trade. thats all and you dont have to pay any thing else.

as much as you want to trade you can there is no limit of money that you are playing in the market and he said that you will be getting 5 times of money in you account to play margin possition. sir i open the account with reliance money i was trading without any fear of deduction of my money. during this time another share company person approched me i said that there charges are lot then reliance money he said not possible. i called abhinav pandey at his cell number and told him there is certain person who wanted to open an account in your company he said the same thing.

soon the money started deducting from my account in the month of march when i was calculating my earning i found plenty of money missing.

i went to there local office and they informed me that i played the share of more than 2 lakh per day thats why system automatically deducted the money from my account.

i told them that i was told during opening an account that only Rs 500 will be charged and one paisa per trade.

the lady told me no sir u have been miss guided. i called up that person and asked him and he said that its not true i did not say it. i told him i have a proof then he told me to lodge a complain regarding this matter. i had loged compain an number of times online and had even send them hard copyies through the corrier services but no action has been taken so far

i have been cheated by reliance money even my sister and father same thing has been done to them and to many custmer they have cheated.

plz help me


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d9bef6e9, 2009-10-22, 05:40AM CDT

I have used reliance money and nothing like this has ever happened to me. Have used icici direct there too it was ok.

bae9e0a9, 2009-10-22, 05:42AM CDT

I have used reliance money and nothing like this has ever happened to me. Have used icici direct there too it was ok.

f78b7fe1, 2009-11-25, 07:35AM CST

same was the problem with me and with many people in varanasi.

they have been cheated. if u dont belive then check the number of people who were using reliance money but now been trading with some other company

f78b7fe1, 2009-11-25, 07:42AM CST

why did reliance money refund a partial money back if he was right and i was wrong. It means that reliance money has stolen money from many poor people pocket. knowing that they will not loose cow for shake of cat

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