North Bennet Street School - This Course NOT for Everyone

Posted on Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 at 11:09am CDT by bd8afbe0

Product: Two-Year Jewelry-Making Course

Company: North Bennet Street School

Location: 39 North Bennet Street Boston, MA 02113
Boston, Ma, 02113, US


Category: Other

"This course is not for everyone" is an oft-repeated refrain you will hear from the school's administration. This was certainly true in my case.

After promising a provision I needed in order to succeed in the course, they withheld the provision and kept my $7,290 I paid in tuition for only 4 months of instruction. Repeated attempts to retrieve my money have yielded no results so far. The only thing I have received from the school is an attempt at character defamation as "proof" of my unworthiness of a response.

For a more detailed account, go to any popular search engine, type in "complaints north bennet street school" and read the report posted on and/or


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