METRO PCS - METRO PCS Flashing fee Free month for who

Posted on Friday, January 9th, 2009 at 11:08pm CST by a76cd90c

Product: MetroFlash

Company: METRO PCS

Location: DALLAS, TX, US


Category: Telecommunications

Metro PCS will gladly charge you $45 to REPROGRAM your CDMA phone from other carriers to work with their network. They use a third party company that charges less than $5 to consumers for the same data update to the handset. Imagine what MetroPCS pays per phone at the bulk rate ! pennies ?? probably.

HERE is the catch, they include a FREE month of service along with the MEtro Flash fee for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY !

I am a CURRENT customer, to get my free month, I have to go in, sign up for a new account ( fREE just the flashing fee) get my free month with a new phone number, AT THE END OF THE MONTH, CALL them cancel the new account and have the newly ported phone put back on my old account ! WHY would they make me do this ONLY to CIRCUMVENT their silly policy, I DO NOT KNOW ! I can always use call forwarding to forward the original number to the new phone account for that 30 day period.

THEY REFUSE TO give me the free month. the $45 that new customers pay for flashing and free month is the same $45 fee charged to existing customers and NO FREE MONTH !!!! UNACCEPTABLE

THE GOOD NEWS: I have their direct telephone numbers to EXECUTIVES at the corporate offices in DALLAS and regional VP's. THEY KNOW that I am about to post these numbers for the world to have and use as YOU wish. THEY have chosen to not do a thing to keep me from posting this. HERE It GOES: DO YOU HAVE A GRIPE with METRO PCS??? CALL THEIR CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, or the CEO at the corporate office in Texas. HE knows I have the number and I WILL GLADLY GIVE IT TO YOU. WRITE ME by clicking below on contact author

HEY METRO PCS: you were warned and I told you I would do this.


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72e561ac, 2009-02-01, 04:20PM CST

why do u have to pay 15 dollars to activate ur phone plus the first month is u still have to pay the bill at the end of the month?? it pisses me off!!!! help!!!!

9e92e945, 2009-02-10, 12:17PM CST

I have a great debate with metro pcs....please can i have the #....they act is though there is no way to find this information out!...Thanks in advance

906b8ec5, 2010-08-12, 05:28PM CDT

You are an absolute joke and your complaint makes no logical sense. Obviously, you didn't calm down and take a deep breath before you flew off the wagon and decided to post nonsense.

1. MetroPCS is the only company that flashes phones. Be grateful they give you the option if you so chose.

2. MetroPCS is a business last time I checked. Meaning their ultimate goal is to make money. The whole point is to make a profit. Can't do that without a markup on products and services. With me so far? And the icing on the cake? They're still cheap as hell ;D I want to see you walk into an AT&T or Verizon store expecting the same services/prices.

3. MetroPCS used to give all new customers a free month of service (they stopped around March 2010). Why? Really, really simple concept: it's an incentive. They obviously want the new guy's business, so they throw out all the toppings to reel him in. Since you are an existing customer, the same shtick worked on you. They did their job; they got your business. The $45 flashing fee was just that, a fee. They charge to both existing and new. What's the complaint here again? And why should existing customers get a free month? Well technically, you already did. Stop being a brat. If they gave every bitch that came running into their store a free month, they'd go under. No more Metro, no more cheap service. Thanks to morons like you. There are some of us who are perfectly content with Metro's service and cheap prices. Once again, I ask you to go cry to AT&T. What to they do to new customers? They charge them an activation fee. Sound like the total opposite of Metro? Yes. Please use your brain and think it through.

4. Big deal you have the numbers to the execs. Wow. We're so impressed by some loud crybaby posting complaints online. FYI, the world won't care for those numbers, only the US, since Metro is CDMA and not SIM ;)

This was fun. Best of luck to you.

1e2d8954, 2010-09-23, 05:20PM CDT


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