Lowes - GE refrigerator water supply freezes

Posted on Thursday, January 8th, 2009 at 9:21am CST by c9e99414

Product: GE model #GSH25SGPC SS

Company: Lowes

Location: FRANKLIN, TX, 37069, US

Category: Stores, Shopping

This is regarding a GE refrigerator purchased from Lowe's. The model is # GSH25SGPC SS. The water dispenser in the freezer door keeps freezing up and will not dispense water, I keep a hair dryer in the cabinet next to the fridge and thaw it out every two days. What a shame to have to do this on a new refridgerator that cost around $1,000.00. I have called GE and they keep saying they are not aware of the problem and have not had any complaints. This is an out and out lie since there are many web sites where consumers have registered complaints including this one. Check "GE GE refrigerator water supply". I have contacted GE about 5 times and Lowes twice about this problem since it was new. Lowes says it is GE's problem and GE says there is no problem. I have complained to Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau. I even went up to someone in Lowe's that was looking at a GE fridge and warned them not to buy. What recourse do we the consumer have when criminals like this will not stand behind their product once they get our money? I wonder if this is something some ambitious young attorney would like to get into and pursue? Surely we can all band together and force GE to do something. Check some of the web sites, I suspect there are probably hundreds of us with the same problem and even more that don't know where to turn. I have been trying so long, to no avail, that my fridge is now out of warranty which GE loves and uses to their advantage. GE did say they will be glad to come out and replace my faulty door at a cost of over $500.00 to fix their manufacturing defect! How thoughtful! Lowe's would not do anything to help either. I guess this was a $1,000.00 learning experience. I will NEVER pirchase another GE appliance and will do everything I can to discourage others from buying GE! Total trash with absolutely no customer service.


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90b9fa96, 2009-01-19, 07:05AM CST

I wrote the letter below last year, to Consumer Digest, in response to complaints on GE Refrigerator. NOW the water supply has frozen! SINCE 2003, GE has denied a problem.

When we renovate the kitchen, rest assured GE will not be a part of the appliance purchase...in anything!

I purchased a GE stainless refrigerator in 2003; GSL25JFPABS Model MF240276. After 6 months, the ice maker quit, (then subsequently, the water stopped servicing from the door) augering ice from the refrigerator door. We called, and were told the warranty was over and the house call would be $125.00. I fought this on and off for three more years and was finally told by a customer "service" person at GE that, "you can't expect things to last forever". In 2007, we had another appliance repair company come out and replace the auger motor. It failed. We have replaced three auger motors and paid for numerous repair calls and since June, 2008's latest replacement, we again have a non-working icemaker. Additionally, there is a major softening of all freezer items during the defrosting phase and the ice becomes clumped as well as overproduces (fails to cut off at full level). I am now concerned that this defrosting is responsible for many years of (documented) gastro-intestinal problems and excessive weight loss caused by improperly defrosted and refrozen foods.

$199.95 from 2007-2008

$250.00 from 2003-2006

Ongoing moderate to severe gastro-intestinal problems and weight loss ( 25+ pounds)that cannot be diagnosed. Medications and co-pays into the $1000+ dollar range. Presently on medication to alleviate symptoms.

92b85dcb, 2010-11-02, 12:58PM CDT

I have the GSS25WGPEWW & the water in the door froze up about 3 months ago. After reading the fix we turned off the fridge and after about 3 hours it thawed out. Of course 8 hours later it froze again. You mean to tell me that GE is not standing by their problem? I have already replaced my upgraded Washer. The dryer has problems with the controls, my range oven temp is off....I would never, never purchase another GE product of anykind and I ould never, never purchase a house with GE appliances. MY whole community has had nothing but problems with GE appliances.....

a6a67285, 2012-02-17, 01:05PM CST

I have the same problem only my fridge is about 4 yrs old. Have seen many web sites with the same problem and thought I read something about a class action suit. As for the quality of GE applinces I bought a range,fridge,microwave and dishwasher all at same time when I remodeled my kitchen and I have to say thet are the biggest pieces of junk I have ever owned. Every thing is literally falling apart and its only me that uses them.I thought about contacting GE about it but it seem that their customer service is as rotten as their applinces. I guess I will just chalk it up as a bad learning experience also and have gone out of way to tell everyone just how lousy their product is.

9d083278, 2012-10-25, 01:18PM CDT

We have had the same problem on a GE Frig. since we got it 10 years ago. We finally came up with a solution that works in minutes on our model. Using a flexible wire "probe" we determined the blockage was located about 3 inches from the outlet of the water dispenser. Our idea was to inject warm water against the icy plug blocking the line. We purchased a marinade injector used for injecting meat like the one at http://www.kitchenniche.ca/marinade-injector-p-1246.html. The big problem was finding a flexible tube that would attach to the marinate injector that was small enough to slide inside the dispenser tube. We finally took an old mouse, cut the cord about 5 inches long, pulled the wires out of it, and pushed it onto the end of the injector. We fill the injector with hot water from the tap, push the "tube" into the dispenser until it meets the ice dam, and then start to slowly inject the warm water. Sometimes it takes two attempts but usually it melds the ice on the first tube of warm water injected.

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