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Posted on Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 at 7:31pm CST by 3f502433

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I ordered a brown large for Christmas for my husband, insteand they send a TAll large

I called and requested a refund or exchange for the right size, they said they could exchange it just as soon as the received the other one. I send the other one express mail $32.00. They received it, and today I get an E-mail that they will not refund or exchange because they can smell cigerette smoke.

No one was smoking, it was opened put away and sent back.

So beware, if the item does not fit you are SOL.

BUYERS BEWARE. I paid $61.00 for the item and $32.00 to send back and I get NOTHING.

This is the E-mail that I received today

Hello there,

We received the item you were returning for an exchange (Carhartt thermal-lined hooded pullover in brown large tall) Unfortunately we are unable to send out the exchange or refund your item at this time because the item you returned did not meet the requirements specified on our Returns and Exchanges policy and procedure page provided in the package. The item smells very strongly of cigarette smoke and is not re-sellable as a new item. We have hung it up to try and air it out but unless it does the best we can do at this time is return the item to you.

Best Regards,

Jessica Gold

E-Commerce Specialist

BareBones WorkWear

[email protected]

Tel: (916) 334-9327


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