Amer Home Mortgage Servicing Inc - Wells Fargo Bank & AHMSI

Posted on Monday, January 5th, 2009 at 9:31am CST by b068a919

Product: REO home sales

Company: Amer Home Mortgage Servicing Inc

Location: 4600 REGENT BLVD STE 200 IRVING , TX 75063-2478
Phoenix, AZ, US


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Consumers and Real Estate agent beware of the lack of business ethics and integrity of AHSMI (AKA Option One Corp). They have shifted their bad business practices from preditory lending to preditory home sales practices. They negotiate a home sale then change the terms of the sales agreements in their required addendum and then try to hold the buyer to the change. If they have made an error that is not in their favor they just cancell the contract at the Buyers expense. The asset managers have little or not ethics and the real estate agents that work for them have their hands tied as they will loose the business if they are not complicit in the unethical behavior. When will the American public finally demand ethical behavior from banks and the people working for them?


e3bb0c8d, 2009-08-20, 04:12PM CDT

AHMSI has held my earnest money illegally for 45 days and refuse to answer to their attorney or real estate agents on whether to return or keep the earnest money. There is no law that requires them to complete the form within a set amount of time. Which means they can keep your money in limbo as long as they like. Stay away from AHMSI.

Anonymous, 2010-10-07, 11:54AM CDT

As a realtor working for the working people out there who are doing everything they can to buy a home. I have a family of 5 who have lived in an apartment for 4 years. We find a home that will qualify for USDA lending. I have the loan set up the underwritting is set and the loan is a go. I find out that since Wells Fargo is ultimately the owner they are using AHSMI to decide who qualifys and who does not. I have gone round and round with this agent there who wants to quote the law and he quoted the law wrong at that. I have a qualified buyer who can close in 30 days but due to the guidelines that Wells Fargo has set up by having to go thru AHSMI first this deal may not make it to the closing table. AHSMI will not be writting the loan so all they should require is a pre-qualify letter not the clients life history. The client has already supplied all of that to the lender of choice. I find this blog looking for the Wells Fargo of record in Irving Texas and it is about the same people that are giving my client a hard time. My question is this do realestate agents have to drop their standards of excellence to comply with banks like Wells Fargo and American Home Servicing Mortgage to get the deal to pass. This agent refuses to deal with such unethical practices.

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