Hitachi America, LTD - Replacement Part For Hitachi Camcorder

Posted on Monday, January 5th, 2009 at 3:13pm CST by c8ea7234

Product: Hitachi Model DZ-MV380A

Company: Hitachi America, LTD

Location: 1855 Dornoch Court
San Diego, CA, 92154, US


Category: Other

My Camcorder(DZ-MV380A) requires a special mini DVD that was produced by Maxell. Maxell stopped producing them, and no retail outlet has any in stock. I called Hitachi Customer Service two times and get this support ... "there's nothing they can do about no supply of this special disc... it's my problem!!"

Bottom Line... I have a $800(2003 Retail) Hitachi Camcorder that's useless without this special disc called "Maxell DVD-R Caddy Disc."

The only thing I can do is WARN YOU ... "HITACHI DOESN'T SUPPORT THE PARTS CRITICAL FOR THE PRODUCTS THEY SELL!!" Now I must spend $$$ for a new camcorder!! Thank you for Listening.


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