Harassing by barclay bank

Posted on Monday, January 5th, 2009 at 6:54am CST by af55e8bd

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Through this letter I bring to your kind attention to the fact that how a customer is harassed and earned money illegally by a Bank.

I am holding a credit card No-4339 4842 8095 9156 of Barclay Bank.

Without my willingness, I had been charged Rs. 5000/- as a circle fee. This came to my notice on receiving the statement for the month of May, 2008 wherein Rs. 5000/- had been shown as circle fee. When I contacted the bank concerned by sending email message for refunding the amount as I was not interested at all. In reply, I was informed that the payment could not be refunded because of a time limit fixed for refunding (21 days) had been expired. In this connection, I am to inform that neither my confirmation nor any letter from their side had been received for such membership and no benifit has been taken by me as circle member as I could not understand what benifits are given a circle member.

Further, the bank had been requested several times for settlement of the outstanding amount but they don??t bother about it as a result the outstanding amount has become huge now beyond my capacity to pay. Every month I am told to pay Rs. 150/- by making promise that the settlement would be done in the coming month. But no action has been taken in this regard so far.

Similarly in other case, without my consultation, I had been offered ICICI medical policy No.4034/BPP/02741658/00/000 and

charged @ Rs. 1935 per month from my Barclay Bank credit card No. 4339484280959156 directly for 5 months. Thereafter ICICI had

been requested to cancel my policy and refund the amount actually deposited/charged. But I had been refunded only Rs. 2903/- , while

I had been charged from the above card Rs. 9675/-. I had requested several time to ICICI but they did not give any satisfactory reply.

I request you kindly to interfere in the matter and to issue necessary direction to the concerned Bank Authority for refunding the same and settle the amount immediately.

(Ram Raj)

7/2233, Trilokpuri, Delhi.

Dt: 05.1.2009


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