DirecTV - DirecTV Crooks

Posted on Saturday, January 31st, 2009 at 8:50pm CST by 2d9273f2

Product: NFL Sunday Ticket

Company: DirecTV

Location: Customer Service DIRECTV, Inc. P.O. Box 6550 Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6550

URL: http://www.directv.vom/

Category: Other

Even though I have not had NFL Ticket for over 2 years, they charged my account for a so-called "auto-renewal" and refuse to remove it from my account. I am contacting my attorney because they should not be able to do this to consumers.

I specifically DID NOT renew, yet they claim I didn't respond.

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99ec6137, 2010-02-28, 02:22AM CST Would you reward a kid for stealing from your purse? Of course you wouldn't.Then why is the NFL rewarding Directv with exclussive rights? They lie , cheat , and steal.They charge you to lease their equipment , then charge you upto $5.99 to protect it against repairs.They will also make unauthorized charges to your credit/debit card.This is 100% accurate , google directv complainsts , it will blow your mind , they had over 20,000 complaints in 3 years , thats a BBB record.They have 3 lawsuits pending , in California , Washington , and Oregon.This does not include the silent suits.My goal is to get congress to open the NFL Sunday Ticket to cable companies , And all Satellite companies , At the top there is a Petition , my goal is to get 10,000 signatures then I'm sending the petition to congress.America needs competition , what if there was only 1 electrc company , gas company , Or auto maker?You Get the point , Thanks for your support! And to comment , directv has a service agreement (permission to screw the customer)If You cancel they will make an unauthorized charge on your credit/debit card , without even a written bill , or prior notice.I thought their law suits were suppose to change this , but Directv doesnt care , as many people they have screwed since in business it's pocket change to them.

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