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Posted on Thursday, January 29th, 2009 at 6:56pm CST by 925291b5

Company: Stubhub

Location: US


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I ordered tickets on 1/13/09 for a concert event on 4/11/09. These tickets were meant to be a surprise for my wife's birthday. I left town and when I returned the tickets had not been delivered. I thought maybe with the long weekend they were just taking a while. Well then I received an email stating that the tickets had been delivered via Fed Ex... to my OLD address! I was upset because my old address is over 500 miles from where I live now. I have called Stubhub each day since then asking them to fix it. The only response I get is that they contacted Fed Ex to try and recover, this was unsuccessful so now I am SOL! I Keep asking where can I file a complaint? Who is going to take care of this? When am I going to get refunded? Each time I am told that this is my fault and there is no remedy. I specifically changed my Billing and shipping address when I placed the order, but apparently Stubhub does not beleive that is true. The IT department is looking

into it. I WILL NEVER use this service again, I cannot beleive how unwilling they are to try and help their customers when clearly an error has occured.

Damage Resulting = $319 for the cost of the tickets and the extended time I have spent on the phone trying to work with these people.

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7f987efb, 2009-10-23, 09:43AM CDT

SEE MY OWN COMPLAINT What really ticked me off was being put on hold while they listened to my prior help call - didn't tell me and that took 30 min. + to verify what I told them was true. You hit it on the head...they waste more blaming the customer or Fed Ex than constructively dealing with the situation. In about six calls I never spoke to the same person. Try elsewhere. JM

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