Posted on Thursday, January 29th, 2009 at 7:44pm CST by 8637daa2

Product: ROKU Netflix Digital Video Player

Company: ROKU

Location: 12980 Saratoga Avenue Suite D
Saratoga, CA, 95070, US


Category: Other

I purchased the ROKU digital video player bundled with 3 months of discounted Netflix digital video service. The first problem was that I did not get a Netflix enrollment code from ROKU. This was needed to activate the ROKU player and to use the Netflix digital video service for which I had prepaid. I tried calling ROKU but could not get a person so I called NETFLIX. A NETFLIX rep explained that the activation code had to come from ROKU but that he could give me a short term trial account to get me started until I was able to get my paid-for activation code from ROKU. I called and wrote to ROKU. Calling was futile ... I received a recording saying support was overburdened and I must call at another time; on other calls the recording said that the wait queue was 40 minutes or more. I tried sending email; an automated case number was sent to me but no ROKU rep ever followed up. In the meantime I learned that the product does not work -- whenever I tried to watch a NETFLIX digital movie it would be interrupted every few minutes and the screen would say "Loading Video". It is not possible to enjoy a movie with 3 minute interruptions that occur every 5 to 10 minutes. I located ROKU's online support forums and there I learned that I was not alone in my inability to view movies uninterrupted; it is a widespread problem reported by a lot of people and clearly acknowledged by ROKU reps on the support forum. Many people who purchased a ROKU unit for the holidays were very angry. Like them, I returned the unit. I was able to get an RMA by email (of several email's I sent when trying to get the product to work, the request for an RMA was the only email that ROKU ever responded to!). I returned the unit and tracked it. More than two week after it arrived at ROKU, there was no refund on my credit card. I called ROKU and was actually able to speak to a rep. I was told the box was received (I knew that) and I was owed a refund (I knew that too), and that he would flag it so that someone with authority would something about it. After wasting an incredible amount of time on a product that does not work, this is the final straw. That's why I am filing this complaint here and on other product opinion forums. I suggest that if you are considering a ROKU NETFLIX video player, you should first visit the company's support forums and see what actual owners of the device have to say. I certainly wish I had done that.


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