No network even after 3 years of continuos complaining

Posted on Thursday, January 29th, 2009 at 4:36am CST by 684523f0

Product: Airtel

Company: Not Available

Location: IN

Category: Other

My mobile number is 9892101012.I have this service of Airtel activated since 3 years.Ever since i activated it, i came to know that i have zero network at my billing address.I have since then being complaining about this right from the start where i was given false promises & assurances that the network problem at my place will be solved.It has been 3 years now that nothing has been done.Whenever i call or write to them about this i have been getting stupid & idiotic answers that they are taking stringent steps to improve network all over Mumbai.When i asked that i was not concerned what they are doing to Mumbai,I was only concerned what they were doing to solve the problem at my place.There were still these type of answers from them & they again & again promised that the concerned department will call to me very soon & that they will survey my area.The concerned department never calls up at the first place,though i had got a call from them 2-3 times, no action at all was taken at all.They have even gone to an extent of calling me once, asking about my problem,I explained to them everything but they wrote falsely in their report that they had called me up & they had solved the network issue at my place,causing me to re-open the complaint right from the start.The nodal officer whereas the other superior officers do not even have the courtesy to reply to my emails or even call me once.Whenever they do reply once,i always get the answer that my complaint is in process & will be solved.This has been going since all 3 years.I even requested them to at least install a network booster at my place if they were not capable to solve my complaint,but their reply comes never mentioning about the network booster,needless to say i recieve the same idiotic & stupid answers again.Now since such a long time has passed, i cannot even discontinue this service due to my business reasons.Please somebody help me out of this,i will be thankful to that person forever throughout my life.


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