Dowd Heat and Air - Horrible owner

Posted on Thursday, January 29th, 2009 at 12:52pm CST by df126f81

Company: Dowd Heat and Air

Location: 5412 S. Mingo Ave.
Tulsa, Ok, 74146, US


Category: Other

I have never done business with this company but I never would and I would not let anyone I know either. This has to do with the owner of the company. A profane and rude person who I would never want in my home to do work. We had an ice storm here recently and he happened to be driving behind us on an on ramp from one highway to another. Our car was sliding and not getting traction and I guess he decided we were not going fast enough for him so he got within 2-4 feet of my rear bumper and stayed there. After getting on the highway he finally passed us and then flipped us off. I got the van id # and called the business later to complain about the driver. The person who answered said they were Mr Dowd and it was them driving and proceeded to tell me to F*** off about 5 different times. He said we were going too slow and we could F*** off. Would you really want someone like this in your home? Especially if you have kids.


df3be109, 2009-02-21, 12:55PM CST

I am Mr. Dowd and this man who posted this is a LIAR. I did have a confrontation with this man. I was driving behind him in very slick conditions when he went from going about 25mph to 15mph I slowed down and then I guess he decided I was too close to him so he flipped me off which he fails to tell in his story. He then calls me up and complains to me about my "driver" I let him complain and don't tell him that it was myself he was complaining about and when he was through I tell him that was me that he flipped off(which he failed to mention) of course. He then tells me he is going to complain to the better business bureau and I will admit I lost my temper and told him to F*** you and hung up on him but it was not 5 times and I did not say he was going to slow.

I am also not posting this anonymous.

Terry Dowd

df3be109, 2009-06-20, 05:18PM CDT

I have commented once on this but I don't see my comment. I lost my temper with this man and I should have taken the high road. Basically I am human. The incident didn"t happen the way this man tells it but I refuse to waste any more time with this matter. I am glad this man doesn't want me to do any work for him because I would really rather not.

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