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Posted on Thursday, January 29th, 2009 at 1:33pm CST by 89bc34e3

Company: Banfield Pet Hospital

Location: 10117 E 71st St
Tulsa, OK, 74133, US


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Banfield is one of the worst businesses out there. They commit fraud, plain and simple. We took our dog there back in 2005 and I just found this site. We took her in for something and I will not go into all those details but she ended up needing a surgery. After that was done they had us take her home and keep her in a small crate for the next 48 hours. The very next morning (24 hours later), we got her out of the crate and looked and her bandage was oozing. We took her straight to the banfield and I showed the girl there what was going on. I mentioned to her that our dog was anxious to get out of the crate that morning when we opened it. That is all that was said. Now mind you at this point we have paid over $700 for a surgery. The vet calls us a little bit later saying the stitches came out and that they had to do another one to stitch her back up and it would be another $700+ for us to pay. I was pissed. I did not have a choice but to say yes at this point so I told her to do the surgery and we would worry about the rest later. After the surgery and everything was ok I asked the vet why the stitches would come out when we had her in the crate the entire time. She told me it was our fault because we let her run around. This statement obviously came as a surprise to me. She said the girl we dropped our dog off with said we told her we had let her run around. This was a flat out LIE. Nothing even close to this was said. I told her there was no way I was paying for another complete surgery when all she did was go back and restitch and as far as I could tell it was their stitches that failed. We had words after this. I then called multiple vets in the area, not just one. All of them said if the dog was in a crate all night there was no way those stitches should have come out. They also said there was no way it should have cost $700 to restitch. This is where it gets even worse. We had the wellness plan. Because of this falling out I called the branch we went to and told them I wanted it cancelled and we would never bring any animal there again. They said they would cancel it. This obviously did not get done. I called the national office to get it done and they told me they would not cancel it. I told them they would and they no longer had authorization to charge my card. They said they would charge it anyway. I waited and of course they did. This is exactly what I expected but also wanted at this point. It was now considered credit card fraud and I called my bank. They credited about 5 months worth of charges all the way back to the time the lady at the local office told me she would cancel it. Banfield did not fight it. They have however reported I we owe them $300 to the credit agencies. I will never pay it. Avoid this company at all cost. They only care about money, not your animal. Oh and Dr George from this location actually called us up after we made the complaint to the national office to yell at me for making a complaint. What a gal.


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660f78ff, 2009-02-18, 02:30PM CST

How do you know that the dog did not chew out her stiches??

Sutures do not just fall out on their own.

If they needed to be replaced why shouldnt you be expected to pay for the extra work done?

d695f17b, 2009-07-10, 01:43PM CDT

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this complaint and warn other pet owners.

I had a bad feeling about this place. I stood in line at the counter one day to inquire about something, and they told the lady ahead of me to bring her dog back in two months for another booster. And the lady said "Which booster? I thought this was the last one?" The banfield worker argued with the lady, so the lady asked to talk to the vet. The vet looked at the records and said "You are correct. Your dog has had all of his boosters already. He doesn't need another one. Sorry. We have several new people here".

When I heard that, I thought this place is bogus, I will never bring my pets here.

And your complaint just validated my gut feeling. I hope everyone reads your complaint!

I can't believe the fraud involved in them continuing to charge your credit card. I am grateful for the internet so this won't be kept in the dark.

And by the way, the other comment here must have obviously come from someone at Banfield.

71e84935, 2011-10-23, 09:34AM CDT

i am going to take my 3 month old kitten there tomorrow. i have read a lot of bad reviews, but we had just purchased two 2 1/2 old kittens from petsmart and apparently they infected the other kitten we had. i was freaking out, so the first thing i did was call petsmart and get transferred to the vet. we do have a coupon for $30 off the first time visit. after reading this review, i am just going to get him checked out, then i will call around to other vets. i cannot afford to pay out the a$$ on vet bills. but i don't want my kitten to die either. he is my baby! thank you so much for writing this review!

(btw, whether or not the dog chewed on its stitches, it should not cost an extra $700. that was how much they paid for an entire surgery. that is just ridiculous!!)

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