Smooth Fitness - Smooth Fitness has terrible customer service

Posted on Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 at 8:53am CST by 83935afa

Product: CE 7.4 Elliptical Machine

Company: Smooth Fitness

Location: 780 Fifth Ave., Suite 200
King of Prussia, PA, 19406, US


Category: Other

I purchased a fairly expensive ellipitcal machine from Smooth Fitness last month. I paid an extra $200 for installation and the machine arrived damaged. It made a grinding noise when moving the pedals. I called Smooth and they told me to call their subcontracting company to schedule an appointment to fix it. Mind you, this is a brand new piece of equipment and I'm already told by Smooth to take care of it myself.

I do so, and I take off work again (had to wait 4 hrs for the delivery) for the repair appointment. He tells me that piece is broken, needs to be ordered, and I should call him again once the part comes in to have him come out again and install it.

I call Smooth to complain about this process for a brand new piece of equipment and ask to replace the machine w/ once that works. I could not get a hold of the return person (yes, it's a single person at this company) for some time. When I did, she explained that Smooth will not replace the machine until it is deemed unfixable. Additionally, I can't return the machine w/o the original box (which the delivery guys took w/ them).

Amazing. Now I have had an ellipitcal machine in my basement for 4 weeks that has not been used. It is broken and I have to wait for the part to come in. Meanwhile, who knows what other parts have been damaged that will creep up in the next year or so, particularly after the machine is not covered by warranty.

I will not order anything else from Smooth ever again.

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83935afa, 2009-06-22, 07:23AM CDT

"I too have some problem with their treadmill.How did you finally resolve the problem with Smooth Fitness.


-They came out and fixed the part, only to find that the elliptical now makes a different grinding noise when the handle bars are moving. I'm too exhausted to bother taking another day off of work to have a technician come out to look at this new problem, so I simply don't use the $2,500 elliptical that I purchased just 6 months ago.

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