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Posted on Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 at 2:27am CST by 62abd6ea

Company: Hallenstadion

Location: Zurich, CH

URL: http://Hallenstadion.ch/

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Felix Frei



Arena und Conference Center

Wallisellenstrasse 45

8050 Zrich

Dear Mr Frei,

I am writing to complain about smoking in Hallenstadion during the recent CSI Mercedes event.

My wife and I attended the event on Sunday 25th January 2009. I had purchased the best and most expensive seats available in area WO near the VIP area.

Therefore I was thoroughly disappointed and disgusted to find that although Hallenstadion is advertised as a "No Smoking" stadium you allowed smoking in the VIP area, which was near our seats.

You obviously need a short lesson in physics smoke travels through air! My wife an I spent the entire day inhaling second hand smoke from the VIP area, which reduced our enjoyment of the event significantly. Furthermore I am an asthmatic, and as the day progressed I suffered breathing difficulties because of the tobacco smoke.

You have misrepresented Hallenstadion in your communication to customers and in your signage. Above each door to the seating area there is a large "No Smoking" sign, yet smoking is allowed in the VIP area. This is a broken promise to customers.

By allowing smoking in your venue at smoking events you show absolutely no respect for the health of your customers or for sport.

Indeed, if I compare my experience of Hallenstadion to other European venues, Hallenstadion must rank bottom, largely because of the putrid smoke filled eating areas and downright lies about smoking in the auditorium.

As long as you maintain this smoking policy, you do not deserve paying customers. For my part I will actively discourage friends and colleagues from going to Hallenstadion as long as this irresponsible policy remains in place.

Yours sincerely,


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