Viking - Viking Applicances are JUNK

Posted on Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 at 11:46am CST by 838b83ef

Product: VIKING

Company: Viking

Location: Viking 111 Front Street Greenwood, Mississippi 38930 USA (662) 455-1200
Greenwood,, Mi, 38930, US


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Outline of our Viking appliance problems since we moved in to our new home. All of these problems occurred within the first 3 months of use.

1) under counter refrigerator freezing. (replaced with new unit)

2) Wine cooler fan motor stopped working after 3 months (replaced with new fan motor)

3) Microwave door would not open after unit heated up ( replaced door lock mechanism )

4) Refrigerator doorstop broke within 3 months. ( removed door and replaced doorstop)

5) Rust forming on freezer door top and mold on freezer door seal. (on going problem)

6) Fisher/ Pacal drawer dishwasher motor froze up. (replaced motor ) Not a Viking problem

7) Viking Ice maker stopped working

(replaced heater element)

We spent around $50,000.00 on our appliances and this is the result of buying "TOP OF THE LINE PRODUCTS".

The only items that have not failed yet are:

1) Viking dishwasher

2) second under counter refrigerator

3) Windcrest induction range top

4) GE microwave

5) Viking range hood

6) second Fisher/ Pacal drawer dishwasher

7) Viking Oven

Now our $5000.00 over/under refrigerator/freezer is rusting and mold forms on the freezer door constantly. We went to a brand new appliance store that carries Viking. The new model of our unit has the same problem with condensation leaking from the doors and water accumulating on the seal of the freezer. This causes mold to grow around the seal.

The repair company for Viking (HADCO) tells us it's our fault because we live close to the ocean. (our home is in Florida) The new store was in San Francisco in a heated store. So the policy of the Viking distributor is to blame the consumer.

We are about to write the CEO of Viking, Mr. Fred Carl to see if this is the way Viking treats all of it's customers. We will post a follow up with his response.


1e1303e4, 2010-02-26, 10:59AM CST

We can echo your results with Viking. Again we bought "top of the line" applaices for a house near the water in Florida.

Ice maker has had 5 service calls in 4 years. We also have had to de ice the maker 6 times. Keeps freezing. Viking answer was to put heater on water tube to make. Have to laugh. Not even close to fixing problem.

Ice maker bin had to be replaced twice because it would pop out of turn screw and not dispense ice. It is close now to needing a third replacement given it has started to pop again.

Becasue of the ice maker problems we now empty about a third of the bin every day to keep it from backing up and freezing. This seems to help but not my idea of an automatic ice maker.

Microwave door latch broke after two years. Replaced myself rather than call Hadco. Now the convection oven and microwave will not heat up. Unit turns on but will not heat.

Original oven was all gas. Oven kept having minor explosions in it. Viking finally replavce with gas burner and elctric oven unit. Viking could never tell us why the original did not work right. Almost lost my hair in one minor explosion.

Too bad I spent so much on the appliances. Otherwise I would throw them out and go with something else.

In fact, now waiting for my appointed time with my viking service person. We are on first name basis and he is talking about having us as the godparent to his newborn he is here so much.

9458bba0, 2010-11-22, 02:50PM CST

I have been repairing my Viking Oven for the last 5 years, and have spent over $2,000 on parts and service. We just had the power control unit fail again, and the part was outside the warranty period so Viking told me they would not help.our local service company suggested we contact Viking, as they thought the costs we were incurring were out of line. Have you heard back from Viking yet?

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