Snow Guys Enterprises, Inc. - The Snow Guys in Livonia MI

Posted on Monday, January 26th, 2009 at 11:27am CST by 384482df

Product: Snow Plowing

Company: Snow Guys Enterprises, Inc.

Location: 33006 Seven Mile Rd. #201
LIVONIA, MI, 48152, US


Category: Products, Services

Please warn people not to use this business. We paid for snow plow services and they did not come as promised. I called to complain and was threatened with a lawsuit and verbally assaulted. I did a Google search and found out they have over 35 unanswered customer complaints through the Better Business Bureau. They have also been written as one of the Top WORST companies in Michigan on Angies List publications.


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c975a84d, 2009-02-19, 08:56AM CST

My son has been made a victim of this company. He responded to an add in the Lapeer county Press. He spent many days plowing and he was paid for the first time he plowed. He continued to plow in good faith and now they will not return phone calls and keep saying the check is in the mail but it never comes. It has been weeks now and they just keep making more excuses as to why he hasn't received payment for his time. I intend send a certified letter to them with my intent to contact the better business bureau, Michigan employement services, Channel 4 problem solvers, Ruth to the rescue and law inforcement agencies and anyone else that will listen. Also i intend send flyers to each and every client that my son plowed for (per the plow route sheets he completed)It is deplorable to take advantage of people(both clients and employees)when times are so tough and people are just trying to make a living. My son had to spend a great deal of money for diesel fuel to perform these services so he has not only lost out of his time but incurred expenses too! He stopped plowing for them because he was not getting paid and now they told him because he has not continued to work for them his name goes to the bottom of the list of people getting paid!

8069c0a8, 2009-08-10, 07:49PM CDT

I agree - this company is terrible. Their plows come so late in the day (despite their promise to come in the morning) so I ended up having to shovel my own snow every time. When I called to complain they were condescending and rude and told me to go ahead and take them to court, they've fought in court and won before, they would win again. I will never ever contract with them again and I would hope no one else would either.

c8b1e62a, 2009-10-14, 09:09PM CDT

I also used these guys and have never been treated so rudely and ripped off so bad in my life. They always showed up late in the day if they showed up at all. Next, although they offered a low rate to do the drive (just received their 2009 $99 offer!) they always seemed to find an excuse to charge for "excessive snowfall" without telling about it until the end of the season. By then of course its too late to do anything and of course if you question them they threaten lawsuit.

cccd70b4, 2009-10-25, 04:26PM CDT

Tell me, what is their phone number or contact information? These people owe me over $3,000 from 2008 plowing season. They need to be put out of business permanently. These people are thieves.

06b2ac90, 2010-02-10, 12:07PM CST

I also contracted with the snow guys. They have not cleared my driveway at all. Am still waiting for my drive to be plowed at one p.m. on wednesday. They said they would plow early in a.m.

c57083a2, 2010-04-13, 01:03PM CDT

These guys owe me $2300 for the 2010 Plow Season and havn't answered the phone in over a month..

3b4f216d, 2010-05-13, 03:11PM CDT

i also have not been paid for the 2010 season they keep saying next week they owe me 2100

b0b90b38, 2010-06-18, 08:24AM CDT

I am looking for a company to sub out about 600 residential snow accounts for Lawn Guru, Inc. in the bloomfield hills, royal oak, and oak park areas. I heard of this company but after reviewing all these comments, I do not want to work with them. If any of you individuals are interested in these contracts, please call Brandon at (248) 974-2624. We will pay you on time

d2469571, 2010-06-18, 09:52AM CDT

Dose anyone have Jim Watts address

This is the guy who hired me from BEST Livonia Mi. He owes me

$1400.00 from Jan. 2010

736f5d8f, 2011-01-12, 07:53AM CST


I'm currently waiting for this bad service.Personally,I'd prefer a refund for services not rendered. My next option is now the BBB

I simply can't get out.......

Unhappy customer in West Bloomfield,MI

1-12-2011, 8:37am

fb7a9b7b, 2011-01-12, 06:01PM CST

We have had two snowfalls this season -- one in January and another one on January 11-12. Neither time has ANYONE from this company come to plow my driveway for which they were paid $99 and a a disgustingly high $35 to shovel my walkway. Upon calling them, there is a woman who apologizes for the snow continuing to fall and states they are out plowing driveways. I guess I have to wonder whose driveways they plowed? Certainly wish I had seen the complaints before wasting $134!

fb72f837, 2011-01-26, 01:14PM CST

I too have been swindled by these thiefs. On what basis would they be able to sue someone THEY owe money to? I will be taking them to small claims court, I don't care how much it costs me. I may look into seeing whether a class action lawsuit can be filed against them by people they owe money to.

d8394d99, 2011-01-29, 03:22PM CST

I also paid ahead of time and they plowed only once so far on a timely basis, the other snowfall it took them 3 days to plow, the remaining 2 snowfalls, no one showed up . I have left numerous emails and phone messages. and when I get a response, they act as if they were unaware. during emergency their lines are forever busy. Extremely unreliable

e3b09c21, 2011-01-30, 03:32PM CST

We too have learned the hard way that contacting them to honor the contract results in their tactic of abusing the client. They have also threatened us with a lawsuit. I've contacted the City of Livonia and made a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Michigan.

607f7ffb, 2011-01-31, 01:47PM CST

I have been screwed over by the Snow Guys too! I got Jim's cell phone number and he went crazy on me. Told me never to call again. I sent them a certified letter to cancel and they claim they never received it, however I have a signature from Jamie that she did receive it. I hired them and they never showed. I can't get my money back. Anyone want to help?

607f7ffb, 2011-01-31, 01:48PM CST

I don't have his address, but here is his personal number: 734-341-0432. He won't give me my money back either so if you have any luck, please let me know.

8988dfc6, 2011-01-31, 02:10PM CST

870 capitol st

lincoln park mi 48146

james p watts

7f64f89a, 2011-02-01, 07:50AM CST

Now I am worried! I signed up with them yesterday! How can they continue to operate if they have swindled so many people?

f169a4d3, 2011-02-22, 05:59AM CST

I have also had a terrible experience with this company as they have never showed after any snowfalls this year. I am still waiting to be dug out. Wish I had seen all the complaints about them before I hired them. They are a total waste of time and money!

2693f8bb, 2011-02-25, 05:33PM CST

I contracted for the season and granted it was a great price - it is over paid if they don't show, and when you call them they never ever answer the phone. The last snowfall on Feb 20/21, 2011 no one showed and I had to do my own driveway. The time before that they did show up (finally) during the night but plowed over the sidewalk and never cleared it. Never again will I use them and DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE ELSE HIRES THEM EITHER

90c0fc98, 2011-02-25, 07:54PM CST

The Snow Guys are crooks. I hired them in November and have not come through. I called an emailed them a couple weeks after I paid them because they never came out to stake my driveway as promised. The response from Patrick was that they'd be right out in the next couple of days to do so. They never showed to stake the driveway.

Then came the snow. Snowstorm after snowstorm, I waited and eventually called and emailed repeatedly to see when there were coming. It was next to impossible to reach someone. Finally after emailing them a copy of my cashed check, Patrick called back and basically yelled at me. Sorry for expecting them to live up to their end of the deal and actually show up! Patrick did say that they would be out that day to clean up the snow. Nope. Didn't happen.

The following week after more calls and emails, I actually reached Michelle Church, the owners wife, I presume. She was actually apologetic and said there must have been some sort of clerical error and if I gave it another chance, they'd make it right. Well, another storm came and they never showed up. Stupid me for thinking she might be telling the truth.

After another couple of weeks of calling and emailing without a response, I reached Michelle on the phone again. This time, she was rude and hostile and said they were just too busy to clear off everyone's driveway. I told her I had gone all season having to clear off my own driveway and said I needed a response. She admitted that they were in the wrong and said she would issue a refund, but it would take four weeks. Four weeks to cut a check I asked? Well, that set her off. More yelling at me ensued and she said it would just take that long because they were so busy, but if I stopped calling and emailing every day, I would get my refund. 6 weeks later, no refund! I emailed again and have called, but of course, nobody responds. If I don't get my refund, I am going to go on one heck of a campaign next fall to make sure people don't use these guys. It'll cost them a hell of a lot more than the money they owe me in lost business. I'll involve the cities of Novi and Livonia as well as the homeowners associations around here. I'll print up flyers and go door to door if I have to. They are NOT going to get away with this. We have had the worst winter in recent memory and despite paying these complete frauds, I have been out there cleaning off my own driveway after every storm.

9ec81cdf, 2011-02-26, 12:25PM CST

Really wish I had found these reviews prior to signing the contract. They don't show up, then they turn off their phones and you're only able to communicate through email, which is fine, except they don't respond for 48 hours. The woman on the phone lies and when confronted tells you how long she's been in the business and how many people complain about ridiculous things. Don't EVER sign up with this company.

b67d8cd8, 2011-02-26, 09:17PM CST

I have been plowing for these pukes thiss year they owe me allmost $7000 and they have wrote me a couple of checks that bounced I would love to know where they live if anyone knows please contact me at my [email protected]

Sue P., 2011-02-28, 01:18PM CST

"The Snow Guys" are obviously unaware of how to run a business. They owe our company a great deal of money. If anyone knows their contact information could you please pass it along. We are not affilated with this company and wish we were informed of their nonsense before being introduced.

Prime Arbor Enterprises

810 299-1030.

98da6d91, 2011-03-06, 11:51AM CST

We along with you are in the same position as yourself. We paid for 10 plows and have had 4 done to date. Their excuse on this 2 3/4 inches is that they have plowed to the contract 10 and will not be plowing this time. We like everyone else that have issued displeasure with this company cannot get through to a live person to discuss further.

Our last bad experience was the snow fall the weekend of the Super Bowl. We didn't get plowed and the excuse was that we had a vehicle parked in our driveway and because one of their plows did damage to another vehicle in their driveway, orders had been issued to not plow if any vehicles were parked in the driveway. That was their excuse for not plowing ours but we were never informed.

Bottom line is we will not do any further business with this company and we will not be referring them to any one else. Bad Business Ethics!!

1a0f6e71, 2011-03-09, 12:47PM CST

Their personal address is 37117 Vargo Street livonia Mi. 48152. This is the address that was off my check. I think it is the home of John Church Jim Watts partner in crime. I am going through the same run around right now. Owes me $1900. Got their number off a sign at The Home Depot. Going to let my local store know who they are. I suggest you do the same where ever you see their signs.

6b76b8cf, 2011-03-10, 08:25PM CST

Absolutely the WORST service ever. With the snowfall this year I understand that delays occur. However, when I spend 2 hours with a shovel and a snow blower and I'm paying them to do this? Then I have a problem. I read all the comments and saw the "Ruth to the rescue" segment on WDIV and figured contacting the company was useless. I have told ABSOLUTELY everyone I know that this is a scam and the worst possible business they could hire. Worse yet? They apparently do summer landscaping work as well. One word of advice...STAY AWAY!

b94c85f5, 2011-03-15, 06:45PM CDT

Get this....They hardly ever showed up after a snow fall then did plow over the marker stakes....dug up the one corner of my lawn...claimed they never received a check (but later conceded they did) and now they are billing me for two extra plows..."GIMMIE A BREAK" how do they stay in buisness???

9ec81cdf, 2011-03-15, 08:58PM CDT

I also received a bill for plows beyond the 10 that were prepaid. However, it's only more than 10 because they charge a double or triple service charge for one visit if there is a lot of snow. Does anyone know if this is in the original terms of the contract? I can't locate mine.

e6b6cea4, 2011-03-16, 05:12AM CDT

I too was billed for double and triple trips. Thank god I didn't mail in the pre payment for next year. The contract says they charge per visit after the 10 prepaid. The advertisment/description letter they send with the contract says they will contact you to warn you when you get close to the 10 to give you options. They obviously don't do that.

58eb0068, 2011-03-20, 08:35AM CDT

Horrible horrible company!! I recently received a bill for 5 "extra plows". PUH-LEASE!!! In this entire season, they have showed up over a day late at least four times and once, they never showed up at all!! But because they would show up so late, I always cleared the snow myself first! If they actually showed up, they had very little if any snow to plow at all. The nerve of them to bill me for the excessive snow! I'm not paying it and if they sue, I'm ready for them. I hate that I didn't see the Ruth to the rescue segment, may be time to deploy Fox 2 Problem solvers on them this year.

3e669642, 2011-03-31, 10:15AM CDT

I am an attorney here in the state of Michigan who contracted with the Snow Guys during their pre-paid campaign for snow removal service. I paid for 10 service calls; they came less than five times. The last time they came was because I called and complained. After that, I saw the Ruth to the Rescue report on WDIV. When the next snow came and nobody showed up, I didn't even bother to call. My brother shoveled my driveway for the last 3 major snowfalls instead. I decided that I should've checked into this company beforehand and that I would just take the loss.

Then, I received an invoice in the mail. They actually had the nerve to bill me for "extra" plowing - claiming that they made more than one service call in a day. It was absolutely insane and completely false. Then I got a note from my elderly neighbor who lives alone saying they also failed to complete service on her property, and when they did come they tore up her lawn, then billed her another $90 for service they didn't perform.

That was it. I too am starting a campaign.

Anyone who has used the Snow Guys in Livonia, and who is reading these posts and comments and wants to do something, here's what you do:

go to this website:

this is the link to the ATTORNEY GENERAL of the state of MICHIGAN. click on Consumer Protection tab on the left of the page. Then click on FILE A COMPLAINT.

If there are enough complaints filed, the AG's office may take action against the Snow Guys to investigate whether they are fraudulently scamming money from consumers, particularly the elderly.

We should not stand idly by while these companies take advantage of our neighbors, friends, and relatives, or any of those who cannot or would not defend themselves because they are intimidated.

Stand up and fight. Write Ruth to the Rescue again also....

2f35f1ac, 2011-04-07, 04:25PM CDT

Run ...Run..Run.. don't let these guys near your drive way. They damaged my lawn, and then they sent me a bill above and beyond the contract, because they said that the winter snow was too heavy. They showed up six times during the season; the contract calls for 10 plows, then they counted two of the visits as multiple visits because the snow was heavy, and they sent me a bill. It is going to take a lot of money to fix my damaged lawn.

aca86374, 2011-04-08, 10:56AM CDT

john # 734-341-0426

3d4a081e, 2011-04-21, 09:26AM CDT

On October 25, 2010 we signed a contract with The Snow Guys in Livonia Michigan for snow removal service in the amount of $199 to include 10 removals of driveway plowing and shoveling walk to front door and city sidewalk and porch.

On February 1, 2011 we had a record-breaking snowfall. My husband was in the hospital and due to come home the next day. I waited and the service never came, nor could you reach the company. What you got was an answering machine telling you to be patient, leave your name and address. You couldn't do that because it disconnected you. There was NO one to reach.

At age 68, recovering from breast cancer myself, I had to go out and do it myself. My son-in-law came over later in the day to finish it, as he did continue to do so throughout the season because the company rarely if ever came.

Finally I was able to reach The Snow Guys and requested an adjustment be made and was told by Dawn that "I jumped the gun". At this point I told her that it was unheard of that we could not get any service for at least 24 hours after the snowfall. We went back and forth and she agreed to adjust it by one plow and tack it on to the last plow of the season.

All sounded well and good but as the season progressed the service was just as lacking in attention. Hoping to stimulate their business credibility, when I received a mailing from them for lawn maintenance for 2011, I sent them a deposit of $60 at the beginning of February, which they hurriedly cashed.

Frustration at the lack of continued service and my son-in-law having to be inconvenienced, I initiated an email to the company on February 26 requesting the $60 be refunded. Patrick from The Snow Guys emailed me the very next day and said "your deposit is FULLY REFUNDABLE...We'll send it out to you presently."

Since then several emails have been sent all with the promise of "your refund is in the mail". As of April 7, 2011, no refund, BUT we received a statement from them with an additional $15 charge for snow removal, when we can account for possibly 3 that were done. So I emailed Patrick the next day and said to deduct the $15 from the $60 and send us $45. No response.

This company needs to be looked into by the Attorney General's office. As there is definitely evidence that they are taking advantage of consumers and subcontractors. How many more complaints have to be filed on this website for legal action to take place. Meantime they are profiting by stealing from everyone who does business with them.

They are still doing business and, we as innocent consumers, are being taken advantage of by disreputable individuals.

How much longer can this continue without having the government stepping in to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

2ae04310, 2011-05-10, 09:32AM CDT

Here is their address:

37117 Vargo Street livonia Mi. 48152. It is the home of John Church Jim Watts

0384e59f, 2011-07-21, 08:49AM CDT

Did you file a complaint with the attorney general in michigan? Please contact me at [email protected] I am going to the Wayne County Prosecutors office to request an investigation of this company.

44f56703, 2011-08-06, 12:06AM CDT

I am a snow removal contractor in the area and I use a prepay system that I set up after receiving multiple advertisements from The Snow Guys. My contracts are set up a bit differently both term wise and price wise. I had several customers who had used the Snow Guys in the past and several customers who received price quotes from Snow Guys and they called me and went with my services. My advice is that not all pre pay companies are bad, and to look them up on the internet before sending them a check.

d386363d, 2011-08-11, 09:07AM CDT

I just rec'd a letter from an attorney, James Sparrow, stating that I somehow owe The Sow Guys an additional $160 for the 2008-2009 season. I contracted for 12 service calls. They came 11 times but stated that several of the visits were multiple service calls because of heavy snow. These guys are scammers and how any self respecting attorney could work for them is beyond me. I think I will file a compalint with the AG.

766085f1, 2011-08-15, 02:12PM CDT

I also just received a letter on 8/15/2011 from James Sparrow stating that I owe $120 for 6 additional service calls in 2009 that did not occur. I did not have an issue getting my driveway plowed, however, I do not want to pay for service that wasn't done.

db439e7a, 2011-08-22, 08:59PM CDT

We paid for snow plow services for the 2010 winter season and contracted for 10 service calls. They came 8 times but stated that several of the visits were multiple service calls because of heavy snow. But 2 out of the 8 times, the snowguys showed up more than 24 hours late and we were asked to pay for 5 service calls. The company invoice states 'if we were later than eight hours, no charge is assessed unless the NWS issued a winter weather or storm advisory, watch or warning in which cases a single service call (trip charge) is assessed'. So the company provided total 11 service calls instead of 14 based on their own policy, because NWS did issue winter storm advisory on both cases. I called up the office and explained. But I was told to just pay based on their estimation, otherwise, expect law suit.

I just filed a complain through Michigan Attorney General. I encourage everybody taken advantage of by the company to take action. You won't be victim of the their abusiveness unless you let yourself to.

ca146a5d, 2011-10-03, 05:18PM CDT

The Snow guys are the worst and I can't believe there are so many others who've had the same bad experiances I have!! Bad service, Bad communication, Funny accounting, Rude.....I could go on and on. I hope more and more people are awakened to their horrible business!!

34119686, 2011-12-01, 12:39PM CST

I, too had a problem with The Snow Guys. For the 2010/2011 season, I sent a check in September, along with a revised contract signed by me. I did not want to be at their mercy to charge me for extra removal, so I took that out of the contract. Since I did not hear from them, after that, I assumed that was unacceptable to them; however, the check had been cashed. I called them and they said there was no record of the check until I had the bank to transmit a photo copy of the check to them. They agreed that I would get service but sent me a bill for extra removal!!!!

75c6adca, 2012-01-29, 04:40PM CST

These guys are absolute worst. Pre paid and no service. Called, emailed no answer. Finally reached them on the phone, called names and hung up on. Don't prepay them, you will send a check with no service in return.

5c4fd9a5, 2012-02-12, 08:59AM CST

Post the information on the complaint. How and who filed with. We are having the same trouble in Feburary 2012. We want to pursue a group action.

afb808c2, 2012-02-13, 06:36PM CST

The same thing just happened to me. Not only do they not come to service when it snows, they have a very rude representative on the phone who hang up on me when I was making my complaint. I would really like to see this company go out of business and not be allowed to scam people anymore.

6b7c9ce9, 2012-02-15, 11:42AM CST

i just had the same thing happen to me i paid these people and they never showed up and to top it all off they have this rude person who tells me shame on me for not cleaning my side walk when infact i paid them to do it, if anyone has complaint and know where i should go please post something i am going to try the attorney general and hopefully i can get somewhere.

a853a176, 2012-02-18, 08:32PM CST

Unfortunately I did not do my homework before hiring this company and I have had similar issues. They have completely ripped me off by not showing up.

5c5ae98a, 2012-02-20, 10:15AM CST

We are new to the Snow Guys this winter, and they have done the same thing to us...not shown up to plow. I just called them again and left a voicemail (they don't answer their phone ever). We'll see if I get a call back. Update: They called me back pretty quickly, but said that there wasn't more than 2" of snow in our area on the day I was questioning. This isn't true...our neighborhood street had to be plowed and all our neighbors' services plowed them out. After reading other complaints on the internet about the Snow Guys, it appears claiming there was less t han 2" of snow is one of their tactics for getting out of showing up to do what you actually paid them to do.

cfca3656, 2012-06-21, 01:07PM CDT

I have used these guys for snow removal last season, they only had to plow once so I didn't realize how bad they are. I paid them ahead for lawn service and in a six week period they mowed my front lawn twice and my back yard once. I've tried to quit, had to send them a certified letter, and they say it will be 90 days to get a refund. I am ready to take them to small claims court. I don't know how they stay in business if this is how they treat all their customers. I have also report them to the BBB but do not expect a response. I have reported them to the Attorney General and he is invetigating them for consumer fraud. It won't help me get my money back but it could put them out of business. I suggest everyone else let the Attorney General know.

384482df, 2012-11-14, 08:10PM CST

I too had a terrible experience with The Snow Guys - they are crooks and bullys. I want everyone to know that this year they are operating under the name MIKE'S BEST SNOWPLOWING. Please be sure to watch out for this company because no doubt it will be the same.

The only way I know to put these crooks out of business is to get the word out. I've notified the president of our subdivision association who is also on the board in the city of Northville so that he can get the word out. I feel most sorry for the senior citizens that they are robbing - many of these people are helpless to deal with this.

Amy M., 2013-01-31, 08:49PM CST

Pre-paid "Snow Guys" in Livonia to come out and shovel my diveway and sidewalks for the season and they have yet to come out the three times it "qualified". They won't return phone calls and the one time a rude woman answered she said "we'll get there when we get there" and hung up on me. I don't suggest these con artists!!!!

f9b7284d, 2013-02-11, 12:40PM CST

NEVER, NEVER use these guys. I signed up in Nov 2012 - they never showed up for 2 snow falls in December 2012.. I cancelled the contract according to their rules, by Jan. 1, 2013. I have not rec'd my refund, 1st respons on Jan. 13 was they would send it out in 14 days. NO check, called today, Feb. 11, 2013 - they tell me they do not know when they will refund the money as they are in the middle of a snow emergency and that takes precedent - btw - it is 45 degrees today and minimal snow on the ground, this is their idea of a snow emergency!!! This company is a JOKE!!!!!

0e4c5266, 2013-02-11, 07:41PM CST

Fox 2 News wants to do a story on these scammers. Anyone who wants to tell their story can call Matt at Fox 2 News at (248)552-5171. Let's all call so we can get our money back!!

f9b7284d, 2013-02-12, 07:24AM CST

Hey on-liners, let's organize and put this guy out of business!! Call Fox 2 News, notify the Livonia Chamber of Commerce, file a complaint with the Atty General of Michigan...let's protect our fellow consumers, we are not powerless!!

f9c290c3, 2013-02-12, 08:26AM CST

I understand they were featured on Local 4's Ruth to the Rescue a few years back, but they are still at it! I filed a complaint with the BBB in late December, after they didn't show up for the first service, didn't return phone calls and I read ALL of these complaints, basically stating the exact problem I was experiencing. I just received my refund, in the form of a money order, last week. I'm very disappointed to see new complaints submitted here. I don't know if they intend to do these things or if they are just very bad at managing their business. Regardless, they need to stop doing this to people!

V L., 2013-04-02, 05:52PM CDT

Well...they are still up to their old tricks. I made a big mistake, we bought a new house so I asked my elderly neighbor (who winters in Arizona) who she used for snowplowing & she said "The Snow Guys" I just went with them thinking I would get good service because they'll have 2 houses next to each bad I guess! I should've checked up on them! They took the money & never showed up. I called to complain once & left several messages, finally they called back & when I told them that I was very disappointed with their service, the said they would be right over. They did show up (that one & only time) then called back with a snappy comment. We had at least 3 significant snows since & they never came, never returned my phone calls. Our home sits up on a hill & the driveway is really long. I take care of my disabled father at my house & he had a physical therapy appointments. The therapist comes to the house for his appointments, that didn't matter to them! The last snowfall was heavy, wet & substantial. I was lucky enough to catch the snowplow service that was at the neighbor's house that evening & ended up paying them to plow our driveway. The owner of this company should be ashamed of himself!!

Tim B., 2013-04-13, 02:25PM CDT

I paid them up front to shovel the snow for my 87 year old father-il-law and they only showed up one time. These guys are horrible, when I called them they were very nasty and refused to return my money, so they riped off a 87 year old man for $300. What a bunch of low lifes

e8c41d95, 2014-02-01, 01:52AM CST

Jim Watts the owner of this company and he is still at it in 2014 but his company name has been changed to Lawn & Snow King, 143 Cadycentre #323 Northville MI 48167. Avoid at all costs. Only in business a short time, more than 70 complaints at BBB website. Complaints at Yelp and Angies List.

Lynn B., 2014-04-21, 11:37AM CDT

I paid Lawn and Snow King to plow my driveway and paid them up front. They never showed up and I sent a certified letter in December cancelling the service. I called several times and when I did get in touch with him he verbally assaulted me and hung up. I sent several emails and left several phone messages but still haven't gotten my money back. The last time I spoke with him he said he didn't have anymore money and I'd have to wait until grass cutting time. I tried to file a small claims against this company but I need an address other than a PO box. Cna anyone help?

2f43f643, 2014-05-19, 03:16PM CDT

The owner is John Church

I am interested in creating a Class Action Lawsuit against the owner of this company.

Lynn B., 2014-05-19, 04:22PM CDT

I thought it was Jim Watts. at least that's what's on the bottom of my flyer. I would gladly do a class action suit if we could get enough people to join us.

df096372, 2014-11-22, 08:18AM CST

They have changed their name to Friendly with an address of 400 Ann Arbor Rd #144, Plymouth MI 48170.

Last year after a only a 3 plows they sent a note that they had completed their contractual obligation. Please do not pay these crooks any more money.

f9c290c3, 2014-11-22, 08:34AM CST

I cannot believe they are still at it. Crooks, indeed!!!

f9c290c3, 2014-11-22, 08:34AM CST

I cannot believe they are still at it. Crooks, indeed!!!

f9c290c3, 2014-11-22, 08:35AM CST

I cannot believe they are still at it. Crooks, indeed!!!

f4aac2a7, 2015-02-02, 05:20PM CST

I noticed the post with their name change to Friendly with an address of 400 Ann Arbor Rd. #144 Plymouth, MI 48170. I am getting the run around from them. A guy by the name of Ryan Hoerle. What a joke they are? Is there a link?

5a148845, 2015-02-17, 06:16PM CST

Now they going by Titan seasonal services! In 2015

f9b7284d, 2015-02-18, 05:57AM CST

Everyone -file a complaint on line with the state of michigan attorney general - andd with the better business bureau

I got my money back(via a Kroger money order, lol) and them begging me to close the complaint against them... I never did....

c41b3d97, 2015-05-19, 10:10AM CDT

The Snow Guys

Lawn & Snow King

Northstar Snow Removal

Titan Seasonal Services

Friendly Lawn Service

These companies are all run by the same owner and they are all SCAMS! The owner asks for money up front and will NOT honor their contract.

Unfortunately, I fell for Friendly Lawn Service this year. They will fool you by offering you a great discount on lawn service and be very prompt on answering any questions. The second they get your money, they will stop responding to all phone calls and emails. Friendly cashed my check mid-April and only cut the lawn 1 time (4/30). Three weeks have gone by after that and they never came back and will not return calls or any emails. I have asked for a refund but I have not gotten any response what so ever.

These guys will ask to collect a full-season $$ up front, please do not fall for this scam!

ccd5b167, 2015-05-20, 05:17PM CDT

Re: Friendly Lawn Service: - Dear c41b3d97 - I got scammed too! - Would you and any of the other posters want to join together and try to have this guy prosecuted? He should not be allowed to continue to take people's money. Some of these posts are back to 2009! How can this guy STILL be in business?????????

43e4837d, 2015-06-26, 01:30PM CDT

I just got scammed. He's now using this company name:

Titan Seasonal Services

30835 W 10 Mile Rd #4032, Farmington Hills, MI 48336

Phone: (248) 235-1000

He said his name was Jack, but I guess his real name is John Church? He asked me to write a check for $250 made out to "Cash" so he can pick up the mulch for my landscaping job.

How is this guy still getting away with it?

43e4837d, 2015-06-26, 01:46PM CDT

His cell phone is: (734) 341-0426

His address is:

John Church

37117 Vargo St

Livonia, MI 48152

I don't know if he still lives at this address.

43e4837d, 2015-06-26, 03:59PM CDT

Lets get everyone together on this blog page to have this man arrested:

bd77972c, 2015-07-23, 10:50PM CDT

I had no idea how bad this company was. My husband and I are fighting with them now to get his final check. He worked for titan for several months and each week on payday it was always an excuse as to why they couldn't pay him, John's wife Michelle always told my husband that it was the clients not paying for services they received was the main problem!! Obviously not from what I've read here dating back 6yrs ago. This company is despicable!! By the way the phone # and address on vargo is current if anyone is interested

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