Road and Transport Authority of Dubai - Unfair Treatment by Manager of Human Resources Department of Dubai Road and Transport Authority

Posted on Monday, January 26th, 2009 at 4:54am CST by c0162593

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Dear Sir,

I am Syed Mujahid Hussain Shah from Pakistan writing to seeking help from the your complaint site in regards of me being errorly banned from any UAE visa. Previously I was working with a private firm in Dubai since last three years. A couple of months ago, I had applied for a job as a Bus Driver with Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) and after clearing all tests and other formalities, I was selected for the appointment in the above cited trade in RTA Dubai.

Under the advice of RTA officials, I had got my previous visa cancelled simply for the reason that one can only work on one visa. On 17th September 2008 a visa (Entry Permit No.7234644/201/2008) was issued and the copy of the same is enclosed for kind perusal.

Unfortunately the same permit now stands cancelled simply for an error on the part of Al Makhtoom Hospital Dubai who could not rigidly-correctly access my health condition.

In the mean time I took concrete steps to have myself suitably and validly cleared medically from the most reputable and authenticated medical institutions including Government of Dubai Department of Health and Medical Services (Medical Fitness Center) and specialized clinical laboratory of Dubai. These two institutions had categorically declared my fitness to do any type of job in Dubai. To be more careful in regard to my medical fitness Freiburg Medical Laboratory had sent my sample of blood on my own cost to an accredited laboratory in Germany, who too had declared my blood having negative range reference in Hepatitis B PCR test. In other words, I am totally and fully medically fit to perform duties as a Bus Driver in RTA Dubai. On the basis of above mentioned medical reports the authorities in Al Makhtoom Hospital Dubai have already rectified their omission and also declared that I am fit for my appointed post at RTA Dubai.

Now the main obstacle in my appointment is the unwarranted intervention of Madam Amal Zahara (Manager of Human Resources Department of RTA Dubai) who is bypassing the above mentioned medical reports got myself banned for one year from Dubai Immigration Department thus has adopted a strained and uncalled for attitude towards my appointed post at RTA for the reason not known applicant.

By depriving me from the above mentioned post I have been subjected to face untold difficulties and problems for no fault on my part. This has also resulted in loss of my earning being jobless. My entire carrier now stands crushed. I had contacted Dubai Immigration Department UAE visa but they told me that until and unless Public Relation Officer (PRO) of RTA Department did not advise us, they are unable to grant visa.

Consequently I met the said Manager of Human Resources Department of RTA for directing the PRO to meet the Dubai Immigration Department for my visa, but the Manager of Human Resources Department of RTA not only refused to do so but also got a ban on my entry into UAE.

Under the above narrated facts. I pray and appeal to your complaint site to very kindly take any further action on my matter so that I could get an entry visa to UAE. Alternatively the ban may be got removed if RTA Dubai is able to refer their PRO to Dubai Immigration Department for the purpose of removal of overall restriction of medical ban as fully explained above.

Kind regards,

Syed Mujahid Hussain Shah


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