Ticketmaster - Ticketmaster Refuses Refund For Moved Seats

Posted on Monday, January 26th, 2009 at 6:36pm CST by fcbe2a30

Product: Madonna @ Dodger Stadium

Company: Ticketmaster

Location: 1000 Corporate Landing
Charleston, WV, 25311, US

URL: http://www.ticketmaster.com/

Category: Other

On May 27th 2008, I purchased 4, 10th row "full view" aisle tickets to Madonna @ Dodger Stadium from Ticketmaster for $755.50. This was a fan pre-sale for Madonna's fanclub that I paid an additional $50 for membership to. The concert was on November 6th 2008. When I arrived at the venue, the seating section as displayed on the Ticketmaster website had been reversed, resulting in our seats being moved to the side of that section furthest away from the stage. Due to our close proximity to the front of the stadium, the change in seating resulted in a limited view of the concert as our view was blocked by stage scaffolding. We were unable to see any of the video backdrops of the stage (which are a big part of her show) as well as all entrances and exits of Madonna and her dancers and most of her props. We were also much further away from the catwalk extending from the stage which is mostly where we actually could see Madonna perform. I spoke to a "Head of Security" at the venue and he confirmed that there had been a mistake in the layout and told me to contact Ticketmaster for a refund. On November 9th 2008, I wrote a letter to Ticketmaster explaining the situation and demanding a full refund. I included photos of the view of both where we were supposed to have been seated and where we actually ended up sitting due to the error. On November 14th 2008, I received a letter stating "Dodger Stadium has informed us that on the night of the Madonna performance, your party was relocated. Ticketmaster serves only as a ticket seller for our clients. Per our clients, refunds can only be granted based on their instructions. Our clients informed us that the event took place as scheduled, therefore refunds are not available." On December 3rd 2008, I initiated a dispute through my credit card company and provided them with all documents in relation to this dispute. Shortly after that, I received a letter from my bank stating that the dispute had been resolved and my account had been credited. On January 25th 2009, I received another letter from my bank stating that they were unable to obtain a credit from the merchant because "services were rendered". I did not receive the "full view" tickets that I paid for. My view was a "limited view" and Ticketmaster is claiming absolutely no reponsibility for the error in seating even though they are the agency that sold me the tickets! If I spend $755.50 for concert tickets - I should get the view that I paid for.

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c458eec9, 2009-02-25, 11:27AM CST

Anyone who would spend $755.50 for concert tickets deserves to get taken..you are an idiot!!

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