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Posted on Monday, January 26th, 2009 at 7:56pm CST by 0165c34c

Company: Dillard's

Location: Shreveport, LA, 71115, US

URL: http://www.dillards.com/

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So this is what I wrote to Dillard's just an hour ago. The whole thing has been very upsetting, and I advise you not to shop at a store that lets employees treat their customers in such a way:

Dear Dillards,

I sadly write this letter regarding a resent shopping experience Ive had at your store in Shreveport, Louisiana in the St. Vincent Mall. Over years of coming to your store I have not experienced any difficulties or had any complaints. Starting some months ago however in the juniors section of your store I started getting dirty glances from one of your employees, a grey haired woman of medium height that refused to give me her name. She would follow me around with her eyes and keeping just a few strides away everywhere I went, making my xenophobia worse and causing me to leave your store promptly. This woman, unlike other helpful salesclerks, has approached me on several occasions and rudely demanded, not asked, to take my clothes to the fitting room. I am not dense and her demeaning stares and looking over of me did not go unnoticed or misunderstood. Having had a few friends work in retail I knew that she suspected me of shoplifting for unknown reasons. Perhaps my age, I am 17, made her suspect me, for I am a brunette caucasian female and did not seem to fit into other stereotypes. The problem with her got worse and worse until we were forced to contact the store manager who unfortunately did nothing.

My problems were only beginning though. On Sunday January 25, 2009 at around 4:30pm I went to the St. Vincent mall and decided to peruse the juniors section in your store for a dress for a family occasion. The employee once again kept her eyes on me and my fianc, greatly upsetting me, and causing my fianc to try to calm me down so I could get or at least find and have my mother purchase what I wanted at a later date. I entered the fitting room and finding nothing that fit me exited it, giving the items to a nearby employee. I noticed a cop outside the fitting room, but thought nothing of it. My fianc and I then left to the jewelry section and the perfume department. Suddenly he whispered in my ear that the cop was following us. I thought it was a joke, for there was nothing on me, and all the clothes I took into the fitting room or even picked up were returned properly. The cop did indeed follow us out of the store and through the whole mall till I begged to leave. My fianc however was furious and not at all unwilling of facing the cop. He asked too speak to her employer who said it was not the cops fault but somebodys at Dillards who called and with no evidence had the cop follow us through the entire evening. After I went into the American Eagle fitting room in tears to escape the stares of the cop we left, but not before we talked to another employee in your store who said that the employee who called the cop does these sort of things often and has complaints. We have still been unsuccessful in reaching your managers, but I hope you will not let us down and see that this issue is not dismissed. I suffered emotional distress and was treated like a criminal simply because of my age. I will be telling everyone I know of this incident and how your store treats its customers and I am sure if something is not done my family will have to contact you with a lawyer.


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