JVG - Faulty oven glass door and/or lack of service

Posted on Sunday, January 25th, 2009 at 4:47pm CST by 57688314

Product: Whirpool Slide-in Range model GY397LXUB0

Company: JVG

Location: Av. Sucre de Los Dos Caminos, entre 8va y 9na transversal.
Caracas, Mi, 1070, VE

URL: http://www.jvg.com

Category: Other

We bought a US$ 2,180 (according to current official exchange rate) Whirlpool GY397LXUB0 black on black range. After just two months, the external frameless glass door (cool door they say) crumbled to pieces when I accidentally hit it whit a ladle, as I turned around in the kitchen with it in my hand. Even though different sales reps in the original retailer (JVG), others that we visited looking for help, as well as plain and simple common sense, told us that the external glass wasn't supposed to break by a small knock like the one we (my wife and I) described to them, a customer service rep from Whrilpool Venezuela (an 800 phone number listed on Whirlpool website) told us that he did not believe our story, that the parts they had for swift repairs were for warranty purposes, and that was not our case. We decided that, regardless of warranty applicability or not, we need to replace the part because it only costs about US$ 180, which is cheaper than buying a new range.

even then, the Whilpool's customer service rep told us that we have to take the issue with a Whirlpool authorized service and repair shop in Venezuela: Servymag. To make a long story short, a week and a half of phone calls back and forth from us to Whirpool's 800 number and Servymag, neither one of them is showing any definitive willingness to help us to get the necessary part and fix a two months old range. On top of that, we have been trying through the Internet and none of the US e-stores for replacement parts and accessories that we have been able to find seems to deliver to Venezuela.

We are resigned to buy a new range to replace a new one with a broken glass of about US$ 180 to US$ 200 (without taking into account shipping and handling charges). BUT ONE THING WE ARE SURE OF: WE ARE NEVER, EVER GOING TO BUY A WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCE AGAIN, AND WE ARE MAKING SURE THAT EVERYONE WE KNOW, AS WELL AS EVERYONE OUR SON AND DAUGHTER KNOW ARE MADE AWARE OF THESE FACTS.


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