Glavs Travel USA Inc. - False advertisement

Posted on Saturday, January 24th, 2009 at 1:29pm CST by 96aff28a

Product: Travel Package sale

Company: Glavs Travel USA Inc.

Location: 3171 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11235, US


Category: Other

We have purchased travel package from Glavs Travel ytavel agency in October 2008. In the package the advertised hotel in Israel was rated as a four-star facility. When we arrived to Grand Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv, we were expecting a four-star hotel as advertized and verbally promised. Please note that the name of the hotel was not available to us until after all payments to the agency were made

When we arrived to the hotel we noticed that this hotel is a shamble on the outside, but we were hopping that the room inside would change the image and subside our anxieties. Our hope was not formalized. When we walked into the elevator to go to our room on the fifth floor, we realized that we were in big trouble. The idea of returning back home came to my mind. When we opened the door into the room we were blasted by a foul odor of sweat, mold and urine. At this point we made a decision to go out and look for another hotel. When we informed the front desk clerk of our intention, he suggested that we check their new, just remodeled rooms. We did and under the circumstances, found them acceptable. It appears that the hotel was undergoing remodeling and some of the floors did have some decent rooms. We were told that in order for us to be relocated to these rooms, we would have to pay an additional $240.00

Considering the groups arrangement and bus scheduling, we decided to accept the charges and move in to a more or less livable environment. The newly renovated rooms on some of the floors still do not make the hotel four-star rated, because the rest of the facilities were smelly and dirty. Out of three tiny elevators only two were functional. This unfortunate incident caused us a lot of grief, stresses, and anxieties. This is not acceptable when one is on vacation or on a business trip. I strongly suggest that in the future, Glavs Travel provides better services, pays more attention to details of accommodation and honestly informs its customers.


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