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Posted on Saturday, January 24th, 2009 at 2:52pm CST by ee1900a5

Product: Dish Network Satellite

Company: Dish Network

Location: PO Box 7203
Pasadena, Ca, 91109-7303, US


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After repeatedly trying to get my billing corrected for more than 2 years and being ignored when incorrect billing kept being sent, I've elected to close my account. Firstly, I paid for & installed my own receiver in the 3rd month of service but then they changed the "contract" to an 18 month commitment, enabling them to continue to bill for their equipment. Since then I've been fighting intentional wrong billing.

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ee1900a5, 2010-12-11, 09:24AM CST

Let it be known that Dish Network left negative remarks on my credit record, even though my bills had been account had been paid up & closed for some time.

Dish Network telemarketers contacted me again for reactivating service but was told utilizing my owned receiver just couldn't be done because it would be considered a "new" account after 6 months time. A "new" account with new contract commitment(s) including new equipment, fees, etc. This I found unacceptable. They kept calling back & I kept declining their "great offers".

Since that time I elected to go with a C-band BUD(big ugly dish) & subscribe to 4DTV services. Similar channel lineups with NO COMMITMENTS. You own & service your own equipment. You can add or remove ala carte packages.

Things Dish Network would never consider because it would cut into their profit margin.

Earlier this year Dish Network began a campaign of lies and deceitful promotion through National Programming Service to kill off big dish services for their own gain. NPS is discontinuing business in C-band programming on 12/26/2010. But the lies & telemarketing for Dish Network continue to pour out of NPS.

As a result I would never recommend Dish Network nor endorse them as a business in any matter.


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