American Express - American Express Cancelled My Card - No Warning!

Posted on Saturday, January 24th, 2009 at 2:59am CST by 41048dfc

Product: Blue Card

Company: American Express

Location: US

Category: Other

I have been an AMEX customer since 2001, and have never skipped a payment, been late or have gone over my limit on this card. NEVER! Originally, I had a $13,500 credit limit, which I thought was excessive, but never charged much to the card. I'll admit that my FICO score cannot be very high because I have had some charge-offs on other accounts, a few years ago, but again, NEVER had any issues whatsoever with AMEX.

Over the years, my credit limit had shrunk, down to $2,400. Last October, I received both an e-mail and a letter telling me that due to the charge-offs with other creditors, they were reducing my credit limit to $1,100. I considered this acceptable, as they are trying to limit their exposure in this recession. I never used the card for large purchases anyways.

This afternoon, I swiped my AMEX card as usual to purchase gasoline at a CostCo pump, but it said: "Authorization Declined." Puzzled, I called the toll-free number, and what was odd is that the computerized message did not tell me what my available credit was, only what my balance and recent activity were. Still puzzled, I went online this evening to check again, and saw a line item telling me that my account had been cancelled!!! Thinking a mistake had been made, I then called up the toll-free number again, and this time, got a human being to talk on the phone. She told me that indeed, the card had been cancelled today due to my performance with other creditors. It has been over 4 years since these derogatory reports have been on my credit reports, so this should have been nothing new to AMEX.

The funny thing is that AMEX decided to cancel my card exactly 3 months after they cut my credit limit by more than half, and the following day after a payment was posted.

Needless to say, I will never do business again with AMEX! They could have had the courtesy to send me an email telling me they were cancelling my card, as they did when they cut my credit limit.

Beware if your AMEX credit limit has been cut, your account only has 90 days more to live, and it will be cancelled the day after you make a payment!


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