PremierWorldDirect - PAYPAL's Investigation over Disputes is Questionable!!!

Posted on Friday, January 23rd, 2009 at 11:35am CST by efaa7093

Product: Ebay Auction

Company: PremierWorldDirect

Location: Malaysia
Johor Bahru, Jo, 81750, MY

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Had sold an item in eBay 6 days before Christmas. Buyer paid the next day and item was shipped another days after. 15 working days was stated in the listing.

Buyer made a complaint thru PAYPAL on the 14th day of non-receipt. On the 15th day, the item arrived, and US Postal Services made an attempt to deliver the package to the buyer but was unsuccessful. USPS left notice to the buyer, and inform that if buyer does not make a claim onto the package, the package will be return to the sender after 14 days.

Then when I inform PAYPAL with all details of the shipment including tracking numbers, and USPS website to confirm the attempted delivery was made with records within the USPS website, and after many days of investigation (obviously from start till end which is over 14 days & USPS have their policy of holding the unclaimed package no more than 14 days and then return to sender).

PAYPAL decided to allow the buyer, which is this case favoring the buyer, and the payment was refunded of which is just 1 day after the 14 days unclaimed period.

My point is, apparently if PAYPAL had actually check the details from USPS website carefully as what had been provided by us (sellers), how can they vote in favor of the buyer who refuse to claim the arrived package and said the item was not 'delivered'? All this doesn't make sense!

I would like for those who read this, gave your opinion base on the fact above, and see if PAYPAL is really unfair to eBay SELLER? And, for those who intend to start selling on auction sites, do think twice before opting for PAYPAL as your payment provider.

Those so called 'PAYPAL Dispute Specialist' investigating disputes, must have investigated with their 'butts' or maybe the brain was born on the wrong section of a human body.

So, choose wisely. You don't want to be caught with the similar situation which I did, and loses out after a 'no-brain' investigation over your hard earn money and unexpected additional expenses incurred for the package being return back to you.

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934e79ed, 2009-07-24, 11:57AM CDT

ebay protests are not fair to either buyer or seller. I bought a mobile stand for a laptop computer. What I received was a junk aluminum case that had been stripped of all usable parts. Basically the answer I got from ebay was "You take your chances" That was over a year ago and I have yet to get ANY type of satisfaction. As a result I refuse to take part in any type of on line auction.

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