7-11 - Stolen debit card number

Posted on Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 at 2:09pm CST by de2f972a

Company: 7-11

Location: WYLIE, TX, US

Category: Business, Finances

Someone somehow bought 600.00 of Vanilla Visa gift cards and a few small amount of store products all on same day using my bank debit card number. I had the card in my possession 400 miles away and have never been to Wylie,Tx. I have no idea how they got the transaction to go thru. I did get my funds back but it took 2wks. Talking to the store manager got me nowhere. Seems to me a employee must be involved. Someone buying 6 100.00 gift cards without a valid card or ID should put up a red flag but in this case I guess not


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