Mercedes Benz of Calabasas - Horrible Service at Mercedez Benz of Calabasas

Posted on Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 at 5:59pm CST by 79d7a120

Product: Service Department

Company: Mercedes Benz of Calabasas

Location: Calabasas, Ca, 91302, US

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I am a four time Mercedes Benz owner and have recently had the worst, most unprofessional experience I have ever had with a Service Department. The handling of my service needs, poor communication and follow-up has convinced me that I do not want to be a repeat service or sales customer of the dealership unless I was assured it would do the dealership some form of harm.

As a customer expecting a higher level of service, and education, from its service providers, I was willing to pay the inflated service rates (ie: $150. for a smog cert verses $49.) because I believed I would be getting value in return. I was sadly surprised and thought it might be informative as to why customers are talking. It??s now been three days of scheduling and rescheduling aggravation, and I know I plan on talking to as many other customers as possible.


Angry Customer


6cc7af41, 2009-07-27, 12:51PM CDT

The Mercedes Benz dealer of Princeton NJ sucks, the service stinks, I wouldn't recommend any one in this world to go there for any service related issues....

97b708a8, 2009-08-14, 12:34AM CDT

Yesterday I found a 2007 CPO GL 450 online, at the Mercedes of Calabasas dealership in Calabasas, CA.

I called and verified the availability of the car with Lewis, who claimed to be the Internet Manager. He invited me to the dealership for a test drive.

My husband I drove down, saw the exact SUV and walked over to check it out. We had 2 of our 4 children with us. 30 minutes later we were still standing in 90 degree heat without help. My husband went to the office to ask for Lewis. The receptionist explained Lewis would be out momentarily.

15 minutes later Frank came out and told us Lewis doesn't show new cars, let alone used ones; he's a Manager. Seriously? I thought it was a joke, but Frank wasn't kidding.

So Frank, the lowly used car salesman showed us the 2007 GL 450. He explained how the Mercedes CPO warranty works, noting that since the SUV was a 2007, even though it had a whopping 40,000 miles, we would have until August of 2012 or 100,000 miles left on the warranty. Great!

We went to the office, discussed the warranty again for double certainty and began to negotiate price. Frank wouldn't budge. He promised instead to get us the best interest rates possible and introduced us to Eric, the Calabasas Mercedes expert finance person.

Eric refused to check my husband's credit union interest rates, switched selling prices about 4 times, changed interest rates 4 times, to the tune of 2 to 4 points a pop and told us we should consider ourselves lucky considering the economy. Seriously?

The cherry on the rancid cake was when my husband reviewed the fine print and figured out that the 2007 SUV with 40,000 miles only had a warranty up to May 2010. Seriously?

So it took Mercedes of Calabasas more than 5 hours to try to sell a 2007 used GL 450, with more than 40,000 miles and an alleged CPO title, with only a few months remaining on the original factory warranty, even though they claimed the vehicle was CPO.

By now our children were starving and my husband and I were beyond angry.

Lewis, who doesn't sell new cars, let alone used ones, had the nerve to call my husband today. He offered to sell us the GL 450 for $200 less and give us $1000 off of the $3295 luxury extra year warranty plan. Seriously?

Is this typical used or new car buyer treatment from Mercedes of Calabasas? Do dealerships really keep Managers like Lewis a secret in the back room, while some poor schlep like Frank does the double talking?

Eric the finance guy is like a rotten cherry on the rancid cake. He tossed out so many different numbers that we're still dizzy.

Our kids were starving; 5 hours of nonsense and we left without a car and nonsense is using a very polite word for what Mercedes of Calabasas put us through. What an awful way to buy a car.

FYI, just so you don't think I'm a total whiner, a few days prior, I walked into the local VW dealership, bought a New Beetle for our firt time driver on the way to college and not only test drove it, but was in and out with absolute lowest advertised interest rate in less than an hour.

I don't expect the earth to move because I had the worst car buying experience of my life inside of the Calabasas Mercedes dealership.

In fact I'm extremely grateful that my husband had enough sense to walk out. I simply want Mercedes to know about this particular dealership in Calabasas before I go online to Blog or complain to the masses.

I want to make sure that I, the buyer, the customer, did everything I could to make things were right before I warn my friends and family about Calabasas Mercedes.

I think the GL 450 is magic, but not enough to get raked over the coals and hung out to dry in the town square.

It's a funny thing how marketing any product works and I know a little something about that, since I've launched many a national and international product in my career.

Do a good job and you're lucky if a customer tells 5 friends, do a bad job and you're lucky if that same customer only tells 5000 friends.

If nothing more, I hope Mercedes finds a way to make sure that dealerships treat every customer well, regardless of purchase price.

Whether a sales person is selling a custom $150,000 Mercedes, or a $10,000 pre-owned Mercedes to a first time driver, every customer deserves honesty and integrity from the dealership.

We are experienced buyers. The inadequate, demeaning treatment we received at the Calabasas dealership was by far the worst, most humiliating experience, ever and I've given birth a few times, so I know a little something about pain and humility. I'd rather stick needles in my eyes than buy a Mercedes from the Calabasas dealership.

The best way to buy a Mercedes is to speed quickly past Calabasas Mercedes as fast as the law allows, right up to Santa Barbara, or down to Encino and even Orange County!

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