YMLP - www.yourmailinglistprovider.com Scam

Posted on Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 at 12:52pm CST by 3f0c94c7

Product: Email List

Company: YMLP

Location: YMLP Ieperstraat 85 B-8970 Poperinge Belgium
Poperinge, BE

URL: http://ymlp.com/

Category: Other

am a victim of apparent scam website in Belgium. I have registered account at this website http://www.yourmailinglistprovider.com/. They have charged me $100 for a period of two months for mailing service they did not provide. On the website they offer email services... I have tried to use their service but they simply do not provide it.

I have tried to contact them over the email several times as well as over the phone, apparently it seems like a scam as nobody replies. Eventually thay just simple closed my account without any email.

What are the steps I can take to recover the money they have charged me? Also I think other people should be warned about this scam.

What government run offices in Belgium can I contact regarding this scam?

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d0372478, 2009-02-11, 01:44PM CST

These are false allegations from someone who has unsuccessfully tried to abuse YMLP's software service to send spam and has had their account terminated for Anti-Spam Policy violation:

Rafal Furdzik

48 BayRidge Ave. Apt 3A

Brooklyn, NY 11220

(address verified by PayPal)

Tried to send the following message, spamvertizing http://www.zikbay.com, to close to 20,000 email addresses and had already uploaded 250,000 more email addresses to their account.

Subject Line: RE: Zikbay.com

Message: http://www.ymlp.com/misc/zikbay_com_spam_200901.html

Patrick Van Acker, CEO & Founder


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