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Posted on Friday, January 2nd, 2009 at 4:53pm CST by 953b9718

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Dear Ulta Customer Service,

I have been an Ulta customer for years and have always been a big fan of Ulta stores and their products. I was a fan until recently when I had to waste a huge amount of time trying to track down an order that was shipped to the wrong address and receive a credit for my missing order.

On November 21st I placed an order for $128.82. After waiting for a week and still not receiving it I tracked the package and realized that Ulta had send my order to an incorrect address. I tried to contact Ulta by phone on 5 different occasions and gave up each time after waiting over 30 minutes on hold! I left my name and number on 3 different occasions and no one from Ulta called me back. Waiting on hold for that long is completely unacceptable, especially seeing as the missing order was Ulta??s mistake. Finally on 6th attempt I waited for 42 minutes on hold and finally got to talk to someone.

The lady on the phone told me that my package had been send to an incorrect address and would be credited back to me. She told me she would have to redo the order. I was charged again for the new order. I finally received the 2nd order but a month later have still not received my $128.82 credit for the lost order. I am so frustrated. I??m writing this letter while I am again on hold trying to get to customer service. It has already been 40 minutes that I??m on hold. I can??t believe what a pain it has been trying to order online with Ulta. How can you allow a customer service line where the wait time is consistently almost an hour? I can understand that mistakes happen and Ulta send my order to the wrong address but not receiving a credit after waiting for a month is ridicules. It was Ulta??s mistake! Why has this still not been taken care of!!!!!

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! If this is not remedied immediately I will never shop at Ulta again. I??ve been writing a Blog about my experience. Please let me know when my money has been refunded.

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139e49dd, 2010-02-04, 06:06PM CST

I placed an order a month ago through Ulta.com. FINALLY today I got an emil back saying it shipped 18 days ago through UPS. "Guest Services" said I could contact my bank to dispute the charge IF I haven't received it yet. Still don't know what address they sent it to. Then they have the nerve to email me to rate the items I ordered. I'm not happy and will never order from them again!

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