Paris Market & Brocante/ - PARIS MARKET & BROCANTE/

Posted on Monday, January 19th, 2009 at 5:17pm CST by bcc6e446

Product: Paris Market & Brocante

Company: Paris Market & Brocante/

Location: SAVANNAH, GA, NA, US


Category: Arts, Crafts

PARIS MARKET & BROCANTE BUYS STOLEN DESIGNS! This store buys stlen merchandise from a well-known con artist company here in Dallas and doesn't care that the designs are stolen: We've notified this store with specific merchandise and the artists the designs were stolen from and they continue to sell the merchandise, which granted, is their right. But: IF YOU THINK HARD-WORKING ARTISTS SHOULD BE PAID FOR THEIR DESIGNS AND WORK, DON'T SHOP AT PARIS MARKET & BROCANTE! They value profit over honest, decent business practices! For whatever reason, they've condoning theft from artists by thieves here in Dallas! Thank you for reading our complaint!


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