Pet Rescue by Judy - Pet Rescue by Judy Complaint

Posted on Sunday, January 18th, 2009 at 11:56am CST by a90583b6

Product: Pet Rescue

Company: Pet Rescue by Judy

Location: Pet Rescue By Judy 2620 Iroquois Avenue Sanford, FL 32773
Sanford, Fl, 32773, US


Category: Other

We recently attempted to adopt a dog from Pet Rescue by Judy in Sanford, FL. Based on our experience, we would highly discourage anyone from attempting to adopt from them in the future. We followed their published process for adopting the dog we fell in love with which consisted of submitting an application online, apparently you are unable to do an application in person. Then you are advised it can take a week to get the application reviewed, which is absurd considering they have no employment verification, previous address verification or background search. All the verification that is supposedly done is calling a reference, which in our case they never bothered contacting. We are fine not getting the dog, but be professional and admit you never called. The real crusher was we did not find out that we would not get the dog via a personal phone call, but rather by automated email from their website. All information we received from them we had to pull out of them and follow up on every detail. No one ever took the time to let us know where our application was in the process or for a while knew where the dog even was located. In all the years we have volunteered at animal shelters and fostered at risk kittens and puppies we have never encountered such a poorly run and unprofessional rescue. Further more, when we visited we were appalled that one of their volunteers was walking around with a 6 ft stick which he repeatedly pushed into the dogs face. These are dogs rescued from difficult situations, dogs that may have been mistreated and fearful of people, so carrying around a 6 ft stick doesn't strike us as a wise idea. Maybe others have had a better experience, but our experience with this rescue has left us highly discouraged.


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