Burger King

Posted on Saturday, January 17th, 2009 at 10:58pm CST by eef96827

Product: Fast Food

Company: Burger King

Location: Burger King Corporation 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive Miami, Florida 33126
Bristol, PA, 19007, US

URL: http://www.burgerking.com

Category: Other

I go to my local burger king pretty often usually to get a shake. I'm tired of going to this burger king and being told the shake is down and that they can use chocolate syrup to some how alleviate this. Vanilla with some syrup on top is NOT a shake. How can a single shake machine go down so often? How complex a machine could this be if it cant make a god damn shake without BREAKING every day. I'm guessing it just broke and was never ever serviced. Ever.

The one day I decide to order a coke all I get is colored sulzer. This is how you expect to do business? I would appreciate it if you actually MONITORED what your business was doing and actually FIX problems for once.

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3e5d4810, 2009-01-22, 03:00PM CST

Learning Burger King has a bad product isn't a surprise to me.

Any company whose television commercials advocate illegal and violent acts should be avoided.

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