Woodman's Forge & Fireplace

Posted on Friday, January 16th, 2009 at 4:58pm CST by 0217ea16

Product: Harmon Pellet Stove

Company: Woodman's Forge & Fireplace

Location: 579 Pine River Pond Road POB 186
E. Wakefield, NH, 03830, US

URL: http://www.woodmansforgefireplace.com/

Category: Other

Beware!! We bought a Harmon pellet stove from Woodman's. The first year the stove worked fine. During the second year the stove broke down. Woodman's couldn't figure out the problem. They came out several times and sent different repair techs each time. They all had a different reason for the stove not working. They replaced a motor they thought was gone. When they put it in they installed it backwards and tried to tell us that the setting was wrong. They charged us for everything - including warranty work. You would be better burning your money in a barrel than buying from them. The owner - Dianne - is not willing to back up what she says or what she sells.

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7cb10fd7, 2009-12-04, 08:11PM CST

I got taken also by these crooks..Buyer BEWARE..Find another place to spend your money.

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