Boch Honda - Lied To At Boch Honda

Posted on Thursday, January 15th, 2009 at 4:33pm CST by 1878d436

Product: Honda Civic

Company: Boch Honda

Location: 279 Providence Hwy
Norwood, MA, 02062, US


Category: Other

I leased a 2007 Honda Civic from Boch Honda. When I sat down with the finance manager to discuss accessories, I was sold on GuidePoint, a competitor of LoJack. One key benefit on which I was sold is that the system would be transferrable to my next vehicle and would "stay with me for life". I was told that I would only have to pay the labor of the migration from one vehicle to another. This seemed worth the price to me (it added $20/mo to my lease), so I agreed.

Now jump to my lease expiration. I find out from the dealer of my new car that they can't transfer the GuidePoint system because it's owned by Honda, not me. Boch Honda sold me on system that they knew *they* would in fact own, thus nullifying any possible transfers to any future car. I was flat out lied to, and now, two years later, I have no recourse and no leverage. I am furious and cannot recommend any Boch dealership to anyone. Hopefully this letter will serve to deter some future prospective buyer.



3df09c14, 2009-02-17, 03:12PM CST

hey - I and several friends have bought cars there. I had an issue with my leased civic. I called and held on the phone until I got Ernie Boch Jr. on the phone. He was surprisingly nice - and helped much more than i thought he would.

just a tip.

good luck.

6a7e19de, 2009-10-18, 02:17PM CDT

Guide point will transfer the system for a small fee. Contact Guide Point or the dealer. The new dealer either wanted to sell you a new system or did not know their facts. Please follow up with Guide Point or Boch.

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