Burger King #4369 - Burger King employee stealing from consumers

Posted on Thursday, January 15th, 2009 at 10:17am CST by dc97b2dd

Product: Burger King #4369 / cashier #2486

Company: Burger King #4369

Location: 1796 Ashville Hwy
Spartanburg, SC, 29302, US

URL: http://burgerking.com/

Category: Other

I went to the drive through at Burger King #4369 in Spartanburg, SC and ordered a chicken sandwich, posted cost $3.69. I was advise to pull to the second window and did so, the cashier (#2486) said the total was $4.99 and I paid her with a $20 and she gave me $15.01 change. I thought for a moment then asked for a receipt and was given one hesitantly. The receipt total was $3.99 and I advised the cashier of the discrepancy as the manager walked up and was told by the manager I would have to come inside. I went inside and explained the situation and was reluctantly given my balance of $1.00. THIS IS EMPLOYEE THEFT AND THE MANAGER WAS TOO BUSY MAKING FRIES TO ADDRESS ME FOCUSED DIRECTLY ON THE PROBLEM! I tried to report this on the BK survey but giving detail is not an option. I went to the web site but there is no place to send an e-mail. I had to place a long distance call to reach the BK headquarters where I was able to listen to a computer and after several minuets of being told how important I was to them I was advised to leave a message for someone to call me back in several days. UNACCEPTABLE! I am frustrated that Burger King really does not want to hear from the consumer, this is why I will no longer give them my hard earned money for their poor service at this or any other location.

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1e97c24e, 2010-06-17, 03:34AM CDT

Their site has an email facility. Look harder!

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