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1)Philips has very poor and slow customer service.

2)Unreliable product with no stock of part for repair.


SENSE: It makes no SENSE to me that a one-year-old product broke down just at the nick after the warranty period and to make thing worst, it cannot be repaired as PHILIPS do not stock the parts for repair.

SIMPLICITY: Yes, it is really simple for them to say "NO" to a customer. This is one of the worst customer services I have received in Singapore.

On 10th Dec 2008, I have sent my DVD Micro Theater RTH718 for repair (Job Number: 841880). It was just after warranty period as I bought it 1 year ago at Philips Annual Sale (9th Sep 2007). Such a sophisticated high quality product broke down just after 1 year, unbelievable. Since it was not under warranty, I have to pay a sum of SG$30 service fee for checking and quotation.

One week has passed and I received a shocking phone call from Philips telling me that my expensive product cannot be repaired as Philips does not have the part/component anymore for the repair for this model.

First, getting back to customer took 1 whole week is really unacceptable. Most IT or Electronics Company will only take 3 days to get back to customer. Secondly, Philips does not stock part/component for model that was bought just one year ago, this is really ridiculous.

I have requested a solution from Philips and was told that they will get back to me. Another week passed but no reply from Philips. I have to call up Philips CUSTOMER CARE hotline on 23rd Dec 2008 which again telling me that they will reply to me. Not a single telephone ring from Philips till 26th Dec 2008 which I have to make a personal trip to the service center. Wondering what type of "CARE" Philips is claiming.

The only way of compensation that Philips can offer is asking me to buy another set of sound system at staff price. Would I dare to buy another Philips product again when Philips do not even stock up their parts? This product that I bought is not a cheap set like those "Made in China" which I only get to enjoy it for only 1 short year.

I was so disappointed with Philips dealing that I took my unrepairable Philips product without considering buying another unreliable Philips product.

Thank you for your time in reading my mail and you can be sure that I will do my utmost best to tell my friends, public and even media about the wonderful features of my Philips product.

My dealing with Philips has been one of nothing but pure frustration. I will no longer look at Philips for any future purchase and I will not recommend my friends or any of my relative to buy this brand.

In conclusion, Poor Customer Service and Unreliable Product

Yours sincerely


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de8a77d0, 2009-11-02, 11:55PM CST

I purchased the same model on July 21, 2007. My story is more or less the same as Lim's. In the past two years, my unit has been back to Philips Service three times for a total repair time of more than eight months - still counting!

The defect is never fixed since the first repair - no spare part. This time they even offer to replace with another model (MCD 772) which is about 50 % cheaper. This likes adding salt to injury! By the way, this unit is under a two-year warranty period.

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