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Posted on Sunday, January 11th, 2009 at 9:03pm CST by 455f967f

Product: Pay Cut for service

Company: Pep Boys Auto

Location: 3111 Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19140, US


Category: Other

On November 30, 2008, Pep Boys Auto cut the pay rate for service writers and assistant service managers by $5.00/hour and instituted a commission schedule for them to make up the pay cut of $200.00/weekly.

The commissions are 2.5% for parts and labor on a service work order that is rang through the register, 2% on tire sales except for Cornell 1000 tires which is 1% on the amount rang through the register.

Any discounts on the sale reduct the commissions paid.

There is a way Pep Boys can reduce the commissions paid based on the Net Service Producer score (NSP).

There is a web site that customer can go to to rate their experience at pep boys, and they take the results to calculate the NSP score. The negative scores (a 6 or lower) are subtracted from positive scores (9 or 10) and the result score is divided by all responses to get a % an if under 50% the commissions are reduced to 1.5% for parts and labor, 1% for tires and 0.5% for Cornell 1000 tires.

They say the difference is banked and if the NSP score is above the 50% by the end of the quarter the bank is paid to the worker.

Corporate blames the service workers for the decline in revenues. Never mind the country is in a recession; the workers are lazy or inept and can't sell to customers.

Corporate has instituted more paper work & says that the service workers don't fill it out right or completely and that's the reason for falling revenues.

Reminds me of the saying about re-arranging the deck chairs on the TITANIC. Useless make work for the under paid service workers.


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