clopay garage door warranty

Posted on Saturday, January 10th, 2009 at 7:38pm CST by 1c7a130b

Product: clopay garage door

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My clopay door sagged bent and broke after only 3 years. Clopay refused to honor their warranty. Its bull they never even sent anyone to look they came up with a generic explanation insatalled improperly by Home Depot. Inferior product phony warranty


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937d7e68, 2009-11-06, 10:36PM CST

I agree Clopay has a completely phony warranty. They denied a warranty claim to replace one panel on one of three of my vinyl coated garage door after it had a linear area of delamination. They "claimed" that there was a waxy substance consistent with the use of an oil based paint. My painter assures me that he used a latex paint. It is disturbing to me because my personal observation that the delamination is limited to one area on one panel of one garage door. It makes me wonder what recourse consumers have against these false warranties that companies offer in order to make sales. I posted this just to make myself feel better. Hopefully, I will help someone else from suffering the same fate or enough people complain that the classless and dishonest company will be forced into standing behind their warranty.

9337f115, 2011-04-07, 07:13PM CDT

I heard from several sources that the Coachman doors have a widespread delamination problem, esp. where exposed to harsh summer weather. Perhaps the heat dries out the glue.

Dan G., 2014-01-15, 02:28AM CST

I appreciate you posting the delamination problems. I was considering these doors but at 14k+ for a pair of the Canyon Ridge series and the fact they'd be facing south, I don't think so anymore. If I'm paying that much I want them taken care of for life, not just 5yrs and it seems they're backing out of even the 5yr warranty, not cool.

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